Trends on Watch What Happens Live

04/18 22:04
@Andy @Porsha4real @DREWSIDORA Porsha how do you feel about Drew recording other people’s conversations? #WWHL
03/28 22:17
Contessa can go. And whoever did her hair tonight can go as well. Her edges have been compromised and that style is unhealthy. #married2med #WWHL
03/28 22:17
#Married2Med Chile they eatn Toya ass up on this #WWHL
03/28 22:17
Dr. Heavenly:”Not to lease, not to rent...not to buy what I can’t afford!” that’s what I can learn from Toya! #Married2Med #WWHL
02/28 22:19
BOLO should have just closed his camera like Nene did at the reunion #WWHL
04/15 23:05
Queen @GarcelleB is dropping nuggets. She sees Kyle for what she is. #WWHL #RHOBH
04/15 23:05
#RHOBH #WWHL #WWHLatHome Andy: Who has the biggest ego in the cast? Garcelle: *without hesitation* Kyle Me:
04/12 22:48
Why is Eva on the show?....No Seriously #WWHL
04/12 22:48
Porsha please climb out of Nene’s ass #wwhl
04/12 22:48
Kenya has the nerve to say she wants to know why Tanya didn’t invite Paul to Marc’s charity for black men when she literally said she didn’t know why Marlo brought her nephews, the people the charity was targeting. #WWHL #RHOA #WWHLatHome
04/10 22:41
Why is Reza trying to pin Ali as @MercedesJavid's friend only? He said in the first few episodes Adam invites him to everything and wanted his husband to keep him away from the group. #ShahsOfSunset #WWHL
04/05 22:52
WHY.... is @DorindaMedley so concerned with @TinsleyMortimer's love life? Remind Dorinda Tinsley already has a mother. #RHONY @Bravotv @BravoWWHL @Andy #WWHL
04/05 22:52
Can Cynthia stop playing with her hair???#WWHL
04/05 22:52
Porsha has ALOT to say about Kenya now that she is back cool with Nene I see #wwhl
03/12 23:04
I am HERE for Nina Garcia throwing shade at Anna Wintour on #WWHL.
03/05 23:44
HRC we didn’t deserve you!! #wwhl
03/05 23:43
@Andy you're a COMPLETE bada.. for getting the iconic @HillaryClinton on #WWHL. Every second of the episode was stellar. Madam Secretary Hillary is so down to earth and funny as hell. Counting down the mins until I can 👀 #HillaryOnHulu
03/05 23:24
03/03 22:43
@andy can you ask Dayna how she feels about dating racist @Max_boyens? If we're going to talk about James as a misogynistic douche, why are we leaving out this black+asian+women hating asshole? #wwhl #vanderpumprules. #PumpRules
03/02 00:09
chiiile marlo done switched her wig during commercial to promo her wig line 😫 #WWHL