Trends on Succession

09/20 23:40
#SuccessionHBO wins the award for 'Outstanding Drama Series' at the #Emmys!
09/20 23:00
L to the OG! #SuccessionHBO's Jeremy Strong wins for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. #Emmys
01/05 21:40
Brian Cox's love for his #SuccessionHBO family is truly the best gift. #GoldenGlobes
01/05 21:01
Is there anything more Cousin Greg than Nicholas Braun awkwardly hovering right behind Jesse Armstrong while he accepted the Golden Globe? I need Season three RIGHT NOW #SuccessionHBO #GoldenGlobes
01/05 21:00
I know I’m behind on this but wow Succession is fantastic. Sharply written with wonderful acting. It’s mean spirited and cold in the best way which makes it so so funny #Succession #SuccessionHBO
10/14 04:41
And THAT is a season finale... #SuccessionHBO
10/14 04:40
When I saw Greg standing regally with the documents after Ken declared that he had the receipts highlighting all of Logan’s fuckery... That was the moment Greg the Egg died and Gregory rose from the ashes. Never been so hyped #SuccessionHBO
10/14 04:40
Don’t underestimate Kendall!! #Succession #SuccessionHBO #JeremyStrong kills the role. The smartest guy in the room with a deck of cards he doesn’t know how to play tonight, he did it ! He finally dealt that hand tonight. Take it Logan! Woooooo
10/14 04:21
Kendall had those documents since he gave Greg an apartment. Logan knew it had to be he found a way to make Ken the hero. Brilliant. #SuccessionHBO
10/14 04:01
Roman Roy finally acquiring some gravitas and cojones was also a thing of beauty, beautifully played by Kieran Culkin. #SuccessionHBO
10/14 01:44
Also Tom finally finds his spine! “I wonder if the sad I’d be without you would be less than the sad I get from being with you.” #SuccessionHBO
10/14 00:06
Find out how Tom's letting Shiv down when our next #SuccessionHBO podcast drops Sunday night!
10/13 23:46
That is was glorious. Father tells son he is not a killer and son kills father on live TV. Fantastic ending! #SuccessionHBO #Succession
10/13 22:08
When Roman says “is this one of those things where I need a woman to explain to my why it’s bad” and Shiv says “I’m not your grope Geiger counter”...I felt that #SuccessionHBO
10/06 23:27
Wow, blood sacrifice! 😱 #SuccessionHBO
09/29 23:47
I didn’t think #HollyHunter could get more legendary than she already was & then S2 of #Succession comes along... Holy F’N Shit “Rhea” is scarier than all the members of the Roy family put together! 😱🙌🏼💪🏼👑 #SuccessionHBO #S2E7 #Slay #Queen #IThinkWeGottaProblem #JustBeCareful
09/29 22:45
There has to be a Marcia arc. There has to be a Marcia arc. There has to be a Marcia arc. There has to be a Marcia arc. #SuccessionHBO
09/15 21:43
09/15 21:42
“You don’t really hear about syphilis these days. It’s like the MySpace of STDs.” #SuccessionHBO is freakin BRILLIANT. Tom gets some amazing lines every episode, and #MatthewMacfadyen nails every single one. 😂😂