Trends on Married To Medicine

06/20 23:42
Dr Heavenly is like I don’t care about $600 here you go Lisa #Married2Med
06/20 23:41
WTF was up with Anila asking two married men to take pictures of her in a bikini? I can already tell she’s no good #Married2Med
06/20 23:41
Where’s Quad this season. She can’t be in Cancun all this time #Married2Med
06/20 23:41
What the hell are Scott and Contessa doing? Smh #Married2Med #MarriedToMed #MarriedToMedicine
06/20 23:41
#MARRIED2MED Scott wasn't sleeping he was talking to his side chick
06/20 22:23
06/20 22:22
Bravo would rather have Lisa Nicole & Kari over Quad & Mariah. #Married2Med
06/20 21:42
If i was Heavenly , Lisa & Kari wouldve been off the jet just as fast as they got on. And she didnt speak oh nah #Married2Med
06/13 23:02
If Lisa Nicole couldn’t take Heavenly and Quads heat then she deserved to leave the kitchen 🤷🏽‍♂️ #Married2Med
06/13 23:01
Toya needs to find a storyline because she getting boring with the same old trying to seem like a outrageous housewives. #Married2Medicine #marriedtomedicine #Married2Med
06/13 22:22
Girl, they ain’t steal your little $400. #Married2Med
06/13 21:22
I loveeee that Jackie asked for that gas money back #Married2Med 😂😂😂
06/06 22:02
Dr. Simone and Dr. Jackie have been friends for 20+ years. It's not like one of them slept with the others husband, kicked the others puppy, or physically fought so their friendship can be repaired #Married2Med #marriedtomedicine #bravotv
05/31 00:21
Jackie.... how are you embarrassed for your friend who walked thru the door looking for food and DRANKS!! #Married2Med #marriedtomedicine #MarriedToMed
05/16 21:25
Miles thinking he was gonna move out and they pay his rent #Married2Medicine #Married2Med #MarriedToMed #MarriedToMedicine
05/09 21:45
Cecil needs his own show 🗣 #married2med
05/02 21:23
All them braiders in the DC area ... Robyn girl 😒 #Married2Med
05/02 21:23
I love it that Eugene doesn’t mind that his wife does absolutely nothing #Married2Med
05/02 21:23
Not pastor holy whore acting modest in the men’s conversation 😂😭 #Married2Med
05/02 21:22
How is Gizelle on a different show asking about somebody’s marriage when she was going at women on #RHOP for asking about hers? #Married2Med