Trends on Married To Medicine

03/07 23:20
#Married2Med How could Jackie STILL think Simone shoulda had her back when Jackie was dead wrong - & admitted it!!
03/07 23:01
Me when Anila adds opinion abt Simone and Heavenly after Toya chimes in: #Married2Med
03/07 23:01
Toya just started a whole argument that didn’t involve her and stormed out and thought she did something 😂😂😂! I think this season is gonna be tired and boring! Y’all making up shit now #Married2Medicine #Married2Med this gone be a long season of nothing!
03/07 23:01
Season 8 of #married2med. Is the BEST Season yet!! @BravoTV #DrHeavenly #TeamDaddy
03/07 22:01
I just want to know why we couldn’t have Mariah and Quad? Why they thought Contessa is what we needed is beyond me. #Married2Med #Married2Med #marriedtomedicine
03/07 21:41
I hope Michael do okay in school cuz we saw how his brother at Howard #Married2Med
07/12 22:40
This is the strangest party...#Married2MedLA
07/12 22:40
Soooo her husband sleep during a full on choir performance bihhhhhhhh #Married2MedLA
07/12 22:40
Imani calling it BS that Jazmin wouldn’t even say her husband’s name on tv #Married2MedLA #WWHL
07/12 22:21
07/12 22:20
Wait! So ask the choir if there’s a man upstairs. #Married2MedLA
07/12 22:01
Wait. I just got call from the real Mariah. She said to tell y’all... #Married2MedLA
07/12 21:40
You can’t tell Britten she ain’t the shit #Married2MedLA
07/12 21:40
Kendra only makes a purchase if the person she’s shopping with agrees. That fake ass flower and now this earring purchase was an impulse buy. She probably returned them later #Married2MedLA
06/21 22:01
Why doesnt Hobart take some time off and stay home with the baby? He could stay home for 6 months too. #married2medla
05/03 22:03
QUAD THIS AINT YOUR SHOW!!!! Even your show got canceled! How y'all gonna call her out in front of anyone then dismiss her! BYE QUAD! #Married2Med #Marriedtomedicine #Married2MedLA
01/05 23:00
forgiven?! mariah, girl you need to do some apologizing 😏 #marriedtomed #married2med #marriedtomedicine
01/05 22:02
💯🤣🤣😇 #married2med If Damon wasn't on camera at that strip club, I believe he would have had a great time, with those hoes!
12/30 00:41
I moan very much during sex, if this does not scare you, call me NFLonYahoo Seahawks SFvsSEA Marshawn Seattle Married2Med Eagles Cowboys Lynch 49ers Niners 90DayFiance Witherspoon Giants Beast Mode NFLonYahoo SFvsSEA Vmin AsItWas Seahawks 49ers YOUNetlix Jimin Eagles Niners
12/30 00:41