Trends on Black Ink Crew: Compton

10/16 23:28
You can tell Vudu telling her truth. #BlackinkCompton
10/09 23:09
Barbie is delusional 🤣. Chic said the police “just popped up”. Like she ain’t call them! How can someone get you outta cuffs after throwing a rock through a window?! #blackinkcompton #blackinkcrew
09/18 22:46
So KP is the owner, Tim is the manager and they both decided to NOT speak to Nessie because she stood up for Lemier. Not to mention Tim imploed they were sleeping together. For some dudes from the hoods, this is sure is some bitch made behavior! #BlackInkCompton
09/11 23:25
If I was Vudu after Alana dropped my pix #BlackInkCompton