Trends on Black Ink Crew

02/26 20:45
Mike throwing on that sassy fur coat after he got fired made me laugh so hard I fell out the damn bed. Somebody please make that a gif! Thank you! #BlackInkCrew #BlackInk
02/12 21:26
So if Charmaine 100% owns the shop then her and Jess aren’t partners then #BlackInkCrew
11/28 01:01
Why would Ceaser want Crystal? She’s too delusional, insecure, and exudes desperation. Like she looks a little different but she still look like...#BlackInkCrew #blackinkcrewny
10/23 21:24
After getting fired, Krystal tells Mike she REFUSES to come back until Puma apologizes...🤭 #BlackInkCrew
10/02 22:05
#BlackInk #BlackInkCrew Peanut butter in the shoes???? She probably went crazy cause its - 10 years - no ring - same bullshit 😂😂
10/02 21:44
#blackinkcrew what the fuck does these women see in teddy he like London for what reasons this season ? Oh that’s right new vagina
09/11 21:24