Trends on Black Ink Crew

05/10 21:27
Alex is super oblivious to his girl being a major slutbag #BlackInkCrew
05/10 21:27
Ceaser said I’m surprised Donna spelled CBD juices right #BlackInkCrew
05/03 23:02
My thing is... Walt was on season 1 episode 1... why is he in the position of needing to steal (borrow) money when Ceasar and Ted are laced up? I don’t get it. #BlackInkCrew
05/03 21:04
04/26 21:24
It’s a whole pandemic and Teddy is bothered by Puma wearing a mask & shield. #BlackInkCrew
04/26 20:43
Roc bypassed Bae and doubled back for Crystal? #BlackInkCrew
04/30 02:01
Boy I thought Tati was gonna tell Jess I was gonna jump through the tv on her ass😩 #BlackInkCrew
04/22 20:20
This whole trip is about Walter and his soon to be wife. Why shouldn't he invite his friends!113th wasn't even going to show up to begin with.For Ted to pop up and try and tell walter who he should and shouldn't invite to his OWN WEDDING is bullshit. #Blackinkcrew #blackinkcrewny
04/22 20:20
The landlord of 113th watching cease sponsor this trip like..... #BlackInkCrew
04/15 21:06
Ahh, how cute. Teddy ready to give any women but a black women the world. #BlackInkCrew
04/02 00:42
Donna has tasted every dick and tit in Black Ink and got the nerve to call Kitty a hoe #BlackInkCrew
04/02 00:42
Me watching Ceaser upset #BlackInkCrew #BlackInkCrewNY
04/02 00:42
Im really trying my best to watch this episode I am but this ish is too much retire this storyline...then you say we dont need to talk about this nigga no more?! Y'all been speaking on Ryan and Kitty since last season TF #BlackInkCrew
04/01 21:45
How is Cesar opening up black ink Chicago? What happened to black ink New Orleans? #BlackInkCrew
04/01 20:44
Caesar why would you let your client and employee argue???? Break it up DUHHHH #BLACKINKCREW
04/01 20:23
Now I knooowwww Van’s chicken nugget head ass isn’t trynna join Cease in this fuckery #blackinkcrew
03/11 21:05
Damn Rok’s story is heartbreaking #blackinkcrew
03/04 20:24
Genesis did the right thing staying away from toxic ass sky. #BlackInkCrew
02/26 22:07
Des and genesis y’all do have a mother and that’s the lady that adopted y’all that’s y’all REAL MOTHER #BlackInkCrew
02/26 22:07
I have tears in my eyes how dare she talk to her son like that she’s trash #BlackInkCrew and I been knew she was trash 🗑