Trends on David Makes Man

10/16 23:09
So they just gonna not let Seren come back? We need answers!!! #DavidMakesMan
10/16 21:49
#DavidMakesMan “I will come out this Maybelline and show you she born with it!” You better tell that confused boy Mx. Elijah!
10/16 21:29
annnnd....there go the tears #DavidMakesMan #Finale
10/16 21:28
Did Shinobi kill Sky......? #DavidMakesMan
10/09 22:31
Will Raynan keep this promise or will Dai be the one looking out for him? #DavidMakesMan
10/09 22:09
So this is why Gloria didn’t want to ride out the storm here. #DavidMakesMan
09/11 23:26
Marissa better come on with that baby powder on the neck! All kids with West Indian parents have been there! 😁 #DavidMakesMan