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09/28 15:44
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04/26 22:43
Looks like Beth has the same weekend plans as us. #GoodGirls
04/05 23:46
i keep seeing this rio on my tl, i guess i need to binge #goodgirls now too (the other was a typo, even w wine in my system, i cannot let that one slide)
04/05 23:28
#GoodGirls Ruby got shot When she was the one who didn’t want to go through with this dumb shit
04/05 23:28
Rio: I thought you said Kansas City Annie: Isn't that in Oklahoma? Ruby: Missouri 😂😂 Also, Rio is being his worst petty self this season & I love it. #GoodGirls
04/05 23:09
“What did I miss? Where Nana at?” #GoodGirls
04/05 23:09
Doing a #GoodGirls rewatch and I just realized Stan said he stole the crutches
04/05 23:08
So, what do y'all think Rio has planned for Boomer? #GoodGirls
03/29 23:44
All that face and body for DEAN? Ugh he doesn’t deserve her #GoodGirls
03/29 23:05
Tired to tell you max.. YA DONT CHALLENGE A KING #GoodGirls
03/22 23:46
Me when the bird whistled back: #GoodGirls
03/22 23:28
Does Beth really think Lucy’s Boyfriend is gonna let it Go HE ISN’T #GoodGirls
03/22 22:48
I swear they always set themselves up for failure. Even I knew with a bf like him he would track the gf phone 😂😂😂 #GoodGirls
03/22 22:29
"I have herpes" 💀💀💀😂😂😂 #GoodGirls
03/02 00:26
I secretly want her to be pregnant with Rico’s baby #GoodGirls
03/02 00:06
Ohhhh shit Rhea is pissed. #GoodGirls
02/17 00:24