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05/17 02:23
Uh yeah, hi! Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but the next time we get a Rio & Beth scene like that, I'd love it A LOT more if Deansie wasn't included in the montage. #Brio #GoodGirls
05/17 00:04
05/17 00:04
"She knows 😏" Trust me Nick..she definitely knows #GoodGirls #RenewGoodGirls
05/17 00:04
05/17 00:04
A gangster with throat tats who would rather get you off then get off himself in his grandmother’s bedroom. I am unwell @NBCGoodGirls . This Rio effect, it’s on you. Such much for any hope of being attracted to regular men now! #GoodGirls #Brio
05/16 23:07
I want to fight Stan’s boss like wtf man #GoodGirls
05/16 22:45
Ohhh so this cop might be the reason there’s gonna be a trial #RenewGoodGirls #GoodGirls
05/10 00:06
This gif I found really represents season 4 Brio. They are each other's villain 😔🤚🖤👑👑🖤 ✨criming together✨ #GoodGirls
05/02 23:27
05/02 23:06
Ruby and Stan did so good at scamming purses gene wants to keep them around - I #GoodGirls
04/11 23:08
How is Nancy going to set Annie up for failure and then be upset that she failed? Don't hand over useless diaper cream to your babysitter if you don't want it used on your child. #GoodGirls
04/11 22:48
LMFAOOOOO Mick did not have to say that omg #GoodGirls
04/11 22:47
"I'm the banker" I live for her swag. 😅 #goodgirls
03/14 23:06
Wait, excuse me. The hitman is Andrew McCarthy and the agent is Jonathan Silverman?!! @NBCGoodGirls is giving us a Weekend At Bernies reunion?!!! #GoodGirls
09/28 15:44
09/28 15:05
09/28 14:05
05/16 19:43
04/05 23:09
“What did I miss? Where Nana at?” #GoodGirls
04/05 23:08
So, what do y'all think Rio has planned for Boomer? #GoodGirls