Trends on The Real Housewives of Dallas

02/17 01:21
I have a friend in REAL LIFE that does everything on excel spreadsheets like Tiffany and let me tell you nothing kills the vibe more... #RHOD ⭐️
02/17 01:21
D'andra: Kari still hasn't apoligized or offered me an Olive branch. I shldnt hv come on this trip! Uh Do you mean the olive branch trip she INVITED you on? #rhod
02/17 01:20
I’m Team D’Andra. Kary has been coming at her this ENTIRE season for NO reason. And WHY doesn’t anybody have D’Andra’s back? This is CRAZY! Am I the only one who is seeing this? Jesus. This is REdiculous! #RHOD
02/17 00:02
uh Kam cried over Brandi chasing her with a dildo so let’s save it. and Steph cries every season. NEXT. #RHOD
02/16 21:42
Watching Brandi blow the candles out on the cake...during a pandemic #RHOD
02/10 00:21
@NipTuck14 @ScandalousGame @TiffanyMoonMD Let’s talk abt being mocked! TM invites everyone over. Gives them a list of rules which included slamming her guests, and serves them crickets! I wd have run out at 10:22p as well. #RHOD
02/09 22:21
And another one bites the crust on tonight’s brand new episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas! 🍕💥 Tune in TONIGHT at 9/8c on Bravo for some pizza with toppings of drama and insults. #RHOD ⭐️💖
02/09 22:02
Tonight is a pizza party on #RHOD, and of course the dinner has not only tasty food but lots of drama. This season has been amazing, don’t sleep on Dallas 😍⭐️
02/09 21:21
D'andra's scenes with her Shaman never fail to make me laugh #RHOD
01/20 01:01
01/20 01:01
01/20 01:00
01/20 00:21
01/20 00:01
01/19 23:01
This chicken feet convo again...🤦🏼#RHOD
01/19 23:01
Sorry Stephanie but I wouldn’t apologize for shit to kameron . She gives self entitled white woman vibes #RHOD
01/19 21:42
People need to start valuing queen Stephanie okay, she is a legend. okay Travis? 🤣💖#RHOD
01/12 22:21
01/12 22:21
Bahahhahaha!!! Kam’s chicken bowl under the table!! #RHOD
01/12 21:41
Heated floors in my closet is something I did not know I need but I get it 😩#richshit #RHOD