Trends on The Real Housewives of Dallas

05/14 12:01
Tiffany is soo my favorite #RHOD
05/12 00:22
So I’m guessing we’re just supposed to ignore the fact that Brandi is pregnant. 😩😭 #RHOD
05/12 00:22
15 minutes until #RHOD reunion part two!! 🙆🏼‍♀️ Lots of yelling 🤣🤣 Who is watching with me!?
05/12 00:22
Sorry Stephanie but I wouldn’t apologize for shit to kameron . She gives self entitled white woman vibes #RHOD
05/05 03:00
#RHOD the Kam nod... so happy I legit just love her now ❤️
05/05 00:22
Am I the only one who thought Kary was divorced until tonight? #RHOD
05/04 23:03
OMG D’Andra pretending to do lines as her best 80s move #RHOD
04/20 22:04
Jeremy is a top tier house husband for waiting 2.5 hours for his wife #rhod
04/20 21:45
Mama Dee just casually calling D’Andra’s stepmother ugly #RHOD
04/20 21:25
Can Bravo please have the shaman / hairdresser on @BravoWWHL I need to know more of this grifter #RHOD
04/14 00:04
My God Tiffani do you have anymore complaints about your mom? #rhod
04/06 23:41
Stephanie is so genuinely sweet and lovely that it just guts anyone who feels like they let her down. #RHOD
03/30 22:27
It is her place to openly talk about it because it was not your place to make a public video mocking Asians. You want to be racist, then suffer the consequences! Take accountability! You’re not a freaking victim! #RHOD
03/23 23:03
Dee is talking a lot is shit for someone who married a rich guy #RHOD
03/23 21:45
#RHOD Stephanie starts a charity to pay herself w/other ppls $$. Flies in a private jet to reveal the new locker room.
03/16 22:23
Kam throwing some shade at Momma Dee....Gold digger? Shots fired.....damn.....😳😳😳🤣🤣🤣🤣 #RHOD
03/16 22:04
This party seems fake and forced. #RHOD
03/03 01:21
@gibsonoma “I made racist comments publicly and because you’re from the race that I made the racist comments about, now I can’t be myself around you. I feel uncomfortable, it’s your fault, and now I want you to console me in front of everyone because.” Like, WHAT?! #RHOD
02/10 00:21
@NipTuck14 @ScandalousGame @TiffanyMoonMD Let’s talk abt being mocked! TM invites everyone over. Gives them a list of rules which included slamming her guests, and serves them crickets! I wd have run out at 10:22p as well. #RHOD
02/09 22:21
And another one bites the crust on tonight’s brand new episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas! 🍕💥 Tune in TONIGHT at 9/8c on Bravo for some pizza with toppings of drama and insults. #RHOD ⭐️💖