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01/20 01:21
01/20 01:21
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01/19 23:02
It’s been 8 years!!!!! And Paul still remember Katy’s voice. #catfish
01/19 23:02
01/19 23:02
This mom says she not savy enough to make friends online but is savy enough to send her daughter’s nudes to her phone and delete the evidence. #Catfish
01/19 22:23
The mom by the end of the episode #Catfish
01/19 22:23
@thesideofmyface It’s mostly been sweet, people asking me to send messages to their daughters or girlfriends. There was one very clear foot fetish catfish attempt, but other than that it’s been mostly nice.
01/19 22:22
Now Paul is ready to move forward with Sam. Dump him, girl! #Catfish
01/19 21:43
@ishika_khurana_ @Khurana__sam @vodkainateacup_ @Akshay_Yadav12 @Mrrohitofficial @aint_your_begum @khush__xoxo @thedevilsutras @flawsome_jhanak @starethe_star @TheUnnamedFire Catfish🌝
01/14 21:01
The catfish wearing a mask is being safer than half of America
01/14 20:42
There may be no fans in the stands, but a catfish still found its way onto the ice in Nashville. @PredsNHL #NHLFaceOff
01/12 23:01
That's a wrap! How do you think Tam handled her discussion with Mena? #Catfish
01/12 22:02
Nev really didn't give no f*cks and messaged her one more time and she decided to hit him up days later to talk #Catfish #catfishmtv
01/05 22:41
Cherry turned out to be real, but what could be her reason for being so suspect? #Catfish
12/29 23:21
Can we please get #catfish back in person!? I really need Nev to throw Omar in the river. He’s the lowest of low. And he’s what gives the gay community a bad rap. Fuck him and his HIV hating ass. Karma will find you Omar.
12/29 23:01
Jason never got the money #Catfish
12/27 12:22
using someone elses picture as your avi to catfish people ?? grow up pls
12/18 03:01
hey moots! i’m a real person and not a catfish