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04/01 10:24
It's funny when you go dumb Reading my words. Staring at my pics. It's funnier when you approach me, broken, stupid, drooling and ready to send 😂😂 Make me laugh, loser 💋 catfish | scamaddict | scamfetish beta | cuck | findom
04/01 10:24
@jummahjamuma @ranboofitchecks K but imagine you get caught getting cat fished once. And the catfish turns out to be a minor and you could possibly be charged. Wouldn’t you do everything to ensure that doesn’t happen again?
03/31 19:04
@C4TheCircle If I was on the show & Gemma came clean & told me she was a catfish! That they’re not a woman or nurse but a grown ass man who used to be on TVs show Gladiator, I’d be thinking they’re taking the right piss out of me! 😂🤣 Andy must be thinking WTAF! 😂 #TheCircle #TheCircleUK
03/31 19:03
Ok I’m mega triggered from that little confrontation. HOWWW can James say “there’s a line” for a silly drawing that called her out for being a catfish (which she was!!!) When he pretended to be a BLOODY NURSE #TheCircle I can’t cope 🤦🏻‍♀️
03/29 19:06
Andy: “We can’t let a catfish win the game.” Sent Billy home KNOWING he was real. #Justice4Billy #TheCircle
03/19 20:02
GP receptionist Tally's hoping her 'banging' personality will help her get ahead! But can she call out a catfish? 💋 #TheCircle
03/17 10:00
No idea why all these domme ’ breaker 2D accounts popping up, iirc we’re more accepting of switches. I though the whole domme breaking thing was for the cringe 3D catfish accounts out there. Anyways if you’re a switch or just a sub pretending to be a dom, you’re welcome in dms
03/06 17:22
03/06 17:22
03/06 17:21
@Keishha__ @Northerner0 Uchemba is now Kaeisha😂😂😂😂 catfish Check her real account on Instagram @Uchemba This is a catfish
03/06 17:01
@Keishha__ I've never seen a catfish use two different people on a fake page 😭😭
03/06 04:41
@divnee_x How y'all forget his brother? They're pictures was used go catfish the whole Instagram and kik community.
03/06 04:01
Is that a shark!?! Nah, it's just your friendly catfish. Well...unless you're a snail. Then maybe not so friendly. Here's Pimelodus blochii from South America
02/23 11:01
luyong au where taeyong gets tired of his friends teasing him about his lack of a boyfriend and uses pictures of this one pretty boy to catfish his friends into believing he's actually in a long distance relationship and it's all good until that very boy starts at their college
02/23 11:01
The way catfish accounts gain followers on this app says a lot about thirst that people have out here😂
02/18 19:01
yahhhh mann our jett doesnt comm and shes trash isnt she top frag tho? yah but this fuckin catfish isnt trading us me: most first bloods, mvp, and FUCKIN BLEEDING OUT OF MY FUCKIN EYES MANNNNN
01/29 02:21
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01/29 02:21
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01/26 14:21