Trends on Catfish

05/14 10:01
Your Queen is a bit drunk who wanna submit to my powerfull tits and drink some more with me while i drain your bank account. My titties are feeling way greedier. be sure to have a full wallet before coming to me #Catfishfindom #findom #catfish #forcedintox #poppers #whalesub
05/13 14:21
@SirLeoBDasilva Sir, the catfish you ate was a catfish.
05/13 14:21
05/11 23:24
Me to Chris: we waited this long for it to be you #Catfish #catfishmtv
05/11 22:27
Kamie's keen eye pointed out the way "Jason" texted which is very similar to how Rio communicates 👀 #Catfish
05/08 14:43
DM me your cashtag and let me rinse your account. You lay there, jerking, sending and leaking for me catfish | scamaddict | scamfetish beta | cuck | findom
05/04 22:24
Again I need to know the category in pornhub that they met in...#Catfish
05/04 22:24
Kamie wasted no time like, "Soooo, you're sending that phone back, right?" I am SO glad there is a Black presence on this show now. #Catfish
04/26 12:22
Financial journalism may not be the most glamorous but sometimes when you have to follow paper trails through LinkedIn/Companies House/FCA register for scoundrels, it can be quite fun. Catfish-esque, almost.
04/25 07:01
04/25 07:01
The Cult will reprogram you to become the best person you can be. You will learn you don’t need friends, family or material things. I will be ALL you need. Send membership fee and let’s begin. Catfish Addict Scam Fetish Femdom Findom Paypig Goddess Mistress @CatFishFindomRT
04/20 17:02
Trying to follow this “missing” Lakers fan catfish story
04/20 03:41
Worship my perfect body and ruin your pathetic life for me, be my entertainment for the night, Daddy 🐷 Pull an all nighter with me😏💲 ꨄcatfish findom paypig finsub blacked pawg femsub humanatm scam ripoff findomtherapy therapy catfishtherapyꨄ
04/20 00:08
How people’s lives will be if Vivian’s a catfish versus if she isn’t:
04/19 23:49
That fake missing Laker Girl was a Catfish man WTF. Laker Twitter down Bad😭😭😭
04/17 12:02
04/17 12:02
04/17 11:42
me watching the commotion on the TL knowing that a lot of these pick-me-I-love-African-men yt women accounts are catfish accounts run by African men to scam their fellow brothers
04/09 20:22
Even though I was SO routing for ‘Uncle Syed’ or Andy to win, ‘Felix’ did play the perfect catfish! Well done Natalya! 👏🎉 #thecircle #thecircleuk @C4TheCircle
04/09 20:22
I can’t believe Manrika not only lost to a catfish that was playing her ‘Circle boyfriend’, but it was her vote that won them £100K #TheCircle