Trends on BH90210

09/11 23:10
@BH90210 @FOXTV @bh90210 #bh90210 I have loved this reboot!
09/11 23:09
Jason could be Zach's father? #BH90210
09/11 22:29
When Tori & Jennie realize Gabbys girl kiss was Christine... #BH90210
09/11 22:29
Personally, I don't think we need any filters. 😊 #BH90210
09/11 22:09
Such a fun episode and Shannen was on for more than a couple of scenes!!!!! #BH90210
09/11 22:09
@jenniegarth @BH90210 Reading the feedback. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 middle aged and depressing. Sexual chemistry between Brandon & Brenda. Kelly was the slut. Omg. I’m dying. 🤣🤣#renewBH90210
09/11 21:47
“Kelly was a slut” Brenda is Back!! #bh90210
09/11 21:26
OTW to watch the @BH90210 season finale TONIGHT at 9/8c like... 💖 #BH90210
09/05 02:01
Give us another season 🗣 renew #BH90210 @FOXTV @BH90210
09/04 22:25
Gabi: she’s just being dramatic Brian: It’s in our job description isn’t it #BH90210
09/04 22:03
So many obstacles! I just want the Brian/Tori love scene, damn it! 😃 #BH90210 @BH90210
09/04 21:43
Ray freakin Pruitt?!?!? #bh90210 @BH90210 oh this was kept a secret!! Love it!!!
09/04 21:43
Omg all the singing first David Silver now Ray Pruitt aka Jamie Walters 😂#howdoyoutalktoanangel #BH90210 @BH90210 @torispelling
08/28 22:25
#BH90210   Scott’s secret son is out for revenge for his ghost dad! #stalker
08/28 22:25
I still think zach will be Brian's son but what if he is just obsessed with Brian in general?? #BH90210
08/21 22:26
Anybody else really missing the innocence of the #90s with #BH90210 reboot? #brendaanddylanforever #fridaysattheppeachpit #riplukeperry
08/21 22:04
Enjoy all the Vancouver actors popping up on #BH90210. Jennie's bodyguard (Brendan Penny).
08/21 21:45
@jenniegarth Hysterical carol saying you all can call me mom poof its 1990s all over again #BH90210
08/21 21:44
@BH90210 @DohertyShannen So will Brenda Walsh! 😍 #BH90210
08/21 21:25
Then & Now.. Luke&Ian Jason&Ian💓 #bh90210 #lukeperry