Trends on Bachelor In Paradise

07/22 07:41
The hamster is going overtime for Jake’s brain. #BachelorInParadise
07/22 07:41
Jamie after waking up and realising: he declared his undying love for Timm, cried and packed his bags, left and no one tried to stop him. #BachelorInParadise
07/22 06:21
First to sashay into our sexy paradise... it's Timm! A big bula to you too! #BachelorInParadise
09/18 04:03
I’m team Blake on the text messages!!!! Caelynn says I was hurt so I lied on you but you have to suck it up cuz I apologized. #nope #BachelorInParadise
09/18 04:03
Me when Katie and Chris we’re talking about their relationship 😬 #BachelorInParadise
09/18 03:43
caelynn crying on BIP waiting for sympathy #BachelorInParadise
09/18 03:23
Chris Harrison saying Peter is unlike any other Bachelor they’ve ever had. #BachelorInParadise
09/18 02:44
Chris: "That's a bold move." Tayshia: "I'm a bold girl." We stan a QUEEN👑 #BachelorInParadise
09/18 01:23
Ummm so we’re not gunna find out what happened with Clay and Nicole... #BachelorInParadise
09/18 01:23
Nicole- “Do you love me?! Well do you?? Say it! Say you love me!” Clay- #bachelorinparadise #BachelorInParadiseFinale
09/18 01:23
So happy JPJ and Tayeshia are together! 🌟✨💫❤️💕🥰 #BachelorInParadise
09/18 01:22
Tayshia and JPJ are too pure for this world I’m- 🥺🥺🥺 #bachelorinparadise
09/18 01:03
I hope the bodyguards followed Jordan into the parking lot because Christian looked like this #bachelorinparadise
09/18 00:22
Going from Kristian and Demi to this basic milk toast boy is like... #BachelorInParadise
09/17 23:44
So Eric Bigger was super popular after his season but said that he was never even approached to be The Bachelor. Now Mike Johnson who’s even more popular says he was never approached also. Curious. #BachelorInParadise
09/17 22:05
When #BachelorinParadise gives us a 3 hour finale and waste my time with a gender reveal:
09/17 22:04
Wells jumping out of a cake. I've had that dream. #BachelorInParadise
09/17 21:26
Um, Hannah is still acting like a victim to Tayshia? That is annoying AF. #BachelorinParadise #bacheloreinparadise
09/17 21:26
When Jordan said “don’t go to stagecoach” and they cut to Blake’s face #BachelorInParadise
09/17 21:26
More Kristian less Christian. Please and thank you. 🙏🏽 #BachelorInParadise