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So many good acts in the second semi-final went home! I don't think the two shows were very balanced. The top four of this show (MDC 3, Oxygen, Jake & Chau, and Bailey & Kida) should had been the finale. #WorldofDance #WorldofDanceNBC
08/11 23:43
I got “goosies” too, @NeYoCompound! @JLo That was powerful by MDC3. #WorldofDance @NBCWorldOfDance @egt239
08/11 23:42
MDC3 are great dancers, but I don't agree that they should have gotten a better score than Jake and Chau AND Oxygen #WorldOfDance
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08/11 23:03
Love me some Kida. #WorldOfDance
08/11 23:03
Bailey & Kida: We’ve been dancing together for like a minute. Judges: We can tell you’ve been dancing together for like a minute. Me: #WorldOfDance
08/04 23:42
HOW did Savannah not get a higher score than The Young Cast?! #WorldofDance
08/04 23:42
kurtis sprung is quite possibly one of the best dancers to ever step foot on the wod stage #worldofdance
08/04 22:23
ready for the big stage tonight !!🔥 #WorldofDance @NBCWorldofDance @JLo @NeYoCompound @derekhough
07/28 23:23
It should have been chibi unity not young cast 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 #WorldofDance
07/28 23:23
damn really wanted james and harris to win nooooo 😭😭😭😭 #WorldofDance
07/28 23:03
the effortless partnerwork and storytelling of mdc 3 and the perfect formations chibi unity got me feeling #WorldofDance
07/28 22:44
Who’s ready for @JLo GOOSIES?!?!?❤️ #WorldofDance
07/28 20:04
@JLo @NBCWorldofDance @JLo I know the list is long🙈but they have been waiting for u for so long, please, follow them here on twitter? U know them #WorldOfDance 🙏🏼👇🏼♥️😬🇧🇷 @stejlover @jlowpride @swettday @robertarhavena @rayanapaixao_ @eryka_jlo @jloverbrazil @jlwispft @jlo_truelove @adriellemaceli2
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