Trends on Below Deck Mediterranean

10/27 01:21
@hannahferrier_ was SPECTACULAR on the #WWHL #BelowDeckMed #BelowDeckMedReunion AFTER this season with 🤮 @CaptSandyYawn @BugsyDrake And SnitchBitch #MaliaWhite I won't watch any longer..going to watch #BelowDeck & a classier act in @capthlr @BravoTV Will MISS HANNAH LOVE HER!
10/27 01:21
No Sandy those are not normal days on a super yacht You and only You created that hot mess of crew..shit rolls downhill #belowdeckmed
10/27 01:21
It’s like captain sandy & malia rehearsed together before #BelowDeckMed “say it’s in your contract a lot” “yeah yeah and also say maritime law a lot” yeah yeah yeah good good
10/27 00:01
#belowdeckmed #BelowDeckMedReunion Tom..."I have to make a cake?!!!!" Yet, Kiko made 72 plates, without complaining.
10/26 23:21
Honestly Aesha should have been on the original cast, and Jess should have been excluded. The entire season would have been saved. #BelowDeckMed #BelowDeckMed
10/26 22:22
Idk why we are arguing over Rob still? He seems slimy and would say whatever he can to sleep with someone then drop them when things got real #belowdeckmed #BelowDeckMediterranean
10/19 22:03
Kiko doesn’t understand the correct way to act at a reunion as he is taking responsibility and apologizing for what he thinks he screwed up. #BelowDeckMed
10/19 21:42
Captain Sandy this entire reunion episode 🙄 #BelowDeckMed
10/19 21:22
I am only 11 minutes into the #BelowDeckMed reunion and I am already so over the smug smirk that Bugsy has on her face.
10/06 00:01
Jessica waiting for Aesha to get back to the boat #BelowDeckMed
09/07 21:41
Where was Kiko's sous chef?#BelowDeckMed #JusticeForKiko
08/24 22:02
YALL, i am coming from such a bad place from last week - but dammit - @CaptSandyYawn f***ing help with the laundry. help with anything. you are down a stew of you. HELP OR STFU AND GTFO #BelowDeckMed #BelowDeckMediterranean
08/04 01:41
And, there’s Captain Karen, lurking like a creeper. Fuck you, sea hag. #FireCaptainKaren #BelowDeckMed #CatDrama
07/27 23:20
If we need to watch another season of captain sandy determining how passionate someone is or isn’t about yachting....... #BelowDeckMed
07/27 23:20
y’all I can’t watch - no one from the US would ever think to create a “Vegas Dinner” like wtf does that even mean bc I just picture a meal you bought with a free voucher that came with your room at treasure island #BelowDeckMed
07/27 22:41
Everyone saw all that nasty fried food cooking all night! Why didnt anyone stop him?!? Multiple people saw & commented on the nachos but no one refused to serve them. Smh. #BelowDeckMed
07/20 22:21
Capt Sandy: <to the crew> We're a team and we have to have each other's back! Also Capt Sandy: <to the guests> OH MY GOD, YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON FROM MY TEAM HAS COME TO TALK TO YOU? i AM APPALLED AND ASHAMED AT THEIR INCOMPETENCE #Bravo #BelowDeckMed
07/13 23:00
Pete try to understand this about Malia #BelowDeckMed
06/29 22:21
I want and need to hear @hannahferrier_ inner commentary inside her head during this charter. I can only imagine what she's thinking...and I probably agree. #bravotv #BelowDeckMed
06/22 22:21
Don’t take that 2nd stew spot if you don’t want to act like one Bugs...just saying... #BelowDeckMed