Trends on The Family Chantel

12/15 00:42
How the F$ck Chantel knows how Antoinette treats Royal like if she lives with them! Actually it looks like Royal controls Antoinette!! #thefamilychantel
12/14 23:42
Pedro just here for the party baby. 😂 #thefamilychantel
12/14 23:22
#thefamilychantel .. so we all herd Angenette's mom right..? After she was heard about Royal.. she was extremely surprised he was nice looking..? Liiike🤨 after she heard he was black, she was surprised.. or..? How did Angenette describe him that she was so surprised?
12/14 22:43
Chantal and her mom really got prom dresses on #thefamilychantel
12/14 22:23
#TheFamilyChantel Me listening to Karen and her wuss of a husband lieing to Angenettes mom
12/14 22:04
Nicole cried the whole day before they headed to the airport.😢 #TheFamilyChantel
12/14 21:44
There are gonna be so many promise ring scenes in the tlc hall off fame #thefamilychantel #90DayFiance
12/07 23:22
Okay.... Ya'll saw what they were wearing to the wedding in the preview right? 😭😭 Looking like a bunch of evil step sisters and a witch for a MIL #thefamilychantel
12/07 21:43
Ms. Lidia needs a man of her own #thefamilychantel
12/07 21:22
I nearly choked on my water when Lydia ran after Alejandro with her purse. #thefamilychantel #90DayFiance
11/02 22:42
Chantel: “The last time I talked to you, you called me a bitch” Winter: “I called you a dumb ass bitch” #90dayfiance #thefamilychantel
11/02 21:43
O.M.G! Eyebrows is married! 😱 It all makes sense now 🤨 #TheFamilyChantel
09/09 23:40
I see Nicole wasn’t popping off like usual. She grabbed Coraima like come on girl let’s go, I’m trying to get to the US #TheFamilyChantel
09/09 23:00
River looking like big bird but is afraid of a turkey?#TheFamilyChantel
09/02 23:21
Jah is still sleeping with his baby mama and faking family. Thats why he didnt tell you girl #thefamilychantel
09/02 23:20
Obed is my favorite. “Say hi to your family.” #thefamilychantel
08/19 22:44
2 seconds ago you were talking her out of going because she needs to support her sister who’s life she damaged by secretly doing a background check on her boyfriend. Now she’s willing to abandon her too to go to the DR. We know how you really feel about winter #ThefamilyChantel