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01/29 12:23
Killjoys, make some fucking noise #MyChemicalRomance
10/31 19:42
How soft Aneela gets when she’s being a mother will never not make me emotional. #Killjoys
09/21 02:00
This all I have to say about Dutch’s speech. #Killjoys #KilljoysForever
09/20 23:40
Okay, friends ...if SOMEONE was planning on making a bunch of GREEN COCKTAILS to toast the #Killjoys finale... What the hell should I make? Looking for: not a crazy strong alcohol level, easy to make in a batch, not overly sweet. Or anything Killjoys themed, open to ideas.
09/20 23:20
Never change, Johnny Jaqobis. You're perfect. #Killjoys
09/20 23:20
@adambarken @lovretta @KilljoysWriters @thomallison @TempleStreet @CTVSciFi @real_RobStewart @redTamsen @SeanBaekTO 💚🚀📺🇨🇦 In #Killjoys S2, we got our first hint of Pree's delicious past as @thomallison nailed this:
09/20 23:00
Gotta love the woman Kendry who has become true to herself so kind of evil but love has softened the edges #Killjoys #Aneela #Kendry #LandRabbel #Davin #Qresh #Garrett #Pree #Khlyen #Westerly #Afterbuzztv #CoupleGoals
09/20 22:40
It all comes down to this, agents. Fight for the Quad in the #Killjoys series finale, FRIDAY at 10/9c on @SYFY.
09/20 22:20
09/20 22:20
09/20 22:20
09/20 22:00
09/13 23:20
That moment - knowing all the things racing through Khlyen’s mind as he works our the angles and the emotions... that’s @real_RobStewart, ladies and gents. #Killjoys
09/13 23:01
Damnit. This sure looking like Gared swan song. #Killjoys
09/13 23:01
@WormholeRiders @kiddle @dantivirus @lovretta @adambarken @thomallison @SeanBaekTO @redTamsen @AaronRAshmore @hannahjk1 @kelmccormack @real_RobStewart @TheGavinFox @Killjoys @KilljoysWriters @kurtzellner @AlannaBale @MzJenah @FidgetTBC @twotees68 @MclellanNora @noz4a2 @LeMyrn @LanaSolange @Janeen_FluffyJ @Philo1000 @SpaceChannel @SYFY #Fancy to the rescue!
09/06 22:41
@thomallison @kelmccormack @lovretta Here for confident as hell Zeph! #Killjoys @kelmccormack
08/30 23:20
Day 8 #PWPoePrompts Non-bookish follows: SCREAMS IN #KILLJOYS! No, seriously. I started out following @lovretta. But I have slowly been building a List especially for Friday tweets during the show by actors, crew, and show-runners. It’s my nerd-out SF fandom. I ❤️ Pree & Lucy!