Trends on Growing Up Hip Hop

03/11 22:21
Me hearing Da Brat rap #GUHHATL
03/11 22:20
........but why didn’t u redo the verse while u were THEEERRREEE, Ree!?!?! #guhhatl
03/04 22:20
Y’all should just stop giving Bow Wow advice because he don’t listen to none of y’all #guhh #guhhatl
03/04 22:20
Pimpin’s story was so vague and accusatory, while Diamond admitted to her part, most def left some parts out, and anyone objectively listening can hear that Pimpin is an abusive lying bitch ass dude. #GUHHATL
03/04 22:20
Brat said if Diamond go back to that nigga she gone fight her herself #guhh #guhhatl
02/18 22:21
Ayana u just got over Covid sis lets not chose violence today. 🥴#guhhatl
02/18 21:42
Da Brat freestyle just got me hype!! Drop another album Brat!! #guhhatl
02/11 22:20
I love Deb but I’m on Brat’s side in this one, she was obviously just using ‘Da Brat’s name for promotion and should have asked for permission 🤷🏽‍♂️ #GUHHATL
01/14 22:21
Keyshia Cole & Bow wow dated? Where was I? #GUHHATL
01/07 22:21
Waka looking at his mom say she’s pro trump #guhhatl
05/28 22:40
05/28 22:40
05/28 22:40
Romeo is salty at Angela for filming with Bow #GUHH #GUHHATL #GUHHLA
05/21 23:40
03/05 22:02
08/22 23:02
#guhhatl Corri All you do is lie and cheat Bow Cheat!? I got to be with you to cheat Corri
08/22 22:21
Brandon lied... #guhhatl
08/22 22:01
Tammy’s mom is out there like #guhhatl
08/22 21:40
Did R. Kelly write that song for Buku. That song was nasty as hell 😂😂😂😂😂#GUHHATL
08/15 22:00
Bow Trying To Shoot His Shot With Angela #guhhatl