Trends on Saturday Night Live

02/14 01:00
“One more trophy ... and people will like me ... no.” — Drunk Tom Brady #snl
02/14 00:40
I don't have ID on me at the moment but if you need proof that I'm 40, I liked that Nathaniel Rateliff song just fine. #SNL
02/14 00:40
I'm I'm I'm a weed gummy #SNL
02/14 00:01
#Peloton parody ad gets perfect 10 #SNL! 😂 #Pelotaunt
02/14 00:00
Lordt not the damn gorilla glue #snl
02/13 23:41
#SNL’s Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz, ladies and gentlemen
02/13 23:41
Kate McKinnon having multiple old gross republicans on her acting resume is why I love her sm #SNL
02/12 13:20
This is just like the #SNL sketch that already made fun of how often Elizabeth Warren says the word "fight." #ImpeachmentTrial
02/09 17:24
02/09 17:04
#SNL has so much material thanks to these two idiots so far. Pinstripe suit that is two size big, holding head while drinking water, constant air quotes....
02/09 16:25
Who's going to play Bruce Castor on SNL this weekend? #ImpeachmentTrial #SNL
02/09 16:05
Bruce and the E Street Band didn't do Santa Claus Is Coming to Town on #SNL tonight. Two weeks before Christmas. I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.
02/07 22:42
@GeorgeTakei Good to have a little Canadian content to brighten up the American day . #DanLevy 🇨🇦 😉 #snl #SchittsCreek
02/07 22:42
Canada tonight #SNL
02/07 22:22
Canada owns American tv this weekend between @theweeknd on #HalfTimeShow and @danjlevy on #SNL.
02/07 19:03
Dear, West Coast: Tune into #SNL to watch #PhoebeBridgers utterly embarrass herself trying to look cool by smashing a guitar on a sound monitor and competely fail at it during her second number.
02/07 18:43
Dan Levy is one of the funniest & most lovable humans on this planet & he was absolutely hilarious on #SNL. I am scream laughing at so many of these skits 😂😂 Oh also, Phoebe Bridgers is a badass & I love her.
02/07 02:42
I love watching people get pissed about Phoebe Bridgers screaming her heart out and smashing that guitar on #snl . . I’m over here like:
02/07 00:40
The status of social media looks fine... #SNL
02/07 00:40
Lmaooooooooo Former Social Media Influencer, DONALD TRUMP. #WeekendUpdate #SNL