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04/02 23:23
Welcome to America Teresa! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Well that was fun!! When are we doing it again? @BenjaminDLobato @mollydollyy @dailynrod @PeterGadiot @AlimiBallard @Campos5Joseph @QOTSAddicts #QueenOfTheSouth #QueenFamilia #QOTS
04/02 23:03
Bring the book and trade it for your life- Guero if only it were true🙏🏽 #queenfamilia @QueenOnUSA #queenofthesouth
08/30 02:40
James always got Teresa’s back no matter the circumstances #QueenOfTheSouth #Jeresa
08/30 02:40
Me watching Javier take Randall with him #QueenOfTheSouth
08/30 00:20
08/30 00:00
08/29 23:21
Wayament did this fool judge just say “you people” have a history of killing one another 😒 The Judge got to go! #QueenOfTheSouth
08/29 23:01
Marcel... my man. Don’t go listening to whoever this fool is, who’s more or less telling you to stay in your place, which is apparently under his thumb. Just sayin’... @AlimiBallard #QueenOfTheSouth #QueenFamilia
08/29 23:01
Poté and George have come so far, look at them!! @IamRyanONan @hemky #QueenOfTheSouth
08/29 22:41
You can always count on Pote for the delivery 😂 #QueenOfTheSouth
08/22 23:40
King George and Boaz, what a psychotic duo. 😂 @IamRyanONan #queenofthesouth
08/22 23:01
08/15 23:21
Kelly Anne: what’s the worst he can do here? Everyone... #QueenOfTheSouth
08/09 00:20
All Tony wanted was to live with Teresa and go to Art school. #QueenOfTheSouth
08/08 23:41
Nope. Don't trust that slimy ass El Gordo. @qotswriters @QueenOnUSA @QOTSFanPage #QueenOfTheSouth #QueenFamilia
08/02 00:21
Emilia don't do it for boaz it's a trap #QueenOfTheSouth