Trends on Marrying Millions

03/31 23:07
I know Kathleen is not talking about Bri being a gold digger. She’s worried about her alimony payments reducing. Her kids are in their 40s.... Bill is a sh*t starter for even discussing his private life with her. #marryingmillions
03/31 23:06
03/31 23:06
Rodney’s Mom being his investor is NOT his biggest secret and we all know it. 👀 👀 👀 . #marryingmillions
03/31 22:26
My reaction to Reese’s French braid. #marryingmillions
03/17 22:41
Kathleen watching the ring scene... #marryingmillions
03/03 23:20
Katie’s family after finding out the weddings off tbh #marryingmillions
03/03 23:20
Nonie bout to propose to a whole man boy 😂 his mom is gonna flip her wig🤷🏾‍♀️ #marryingmillions
03/03 23:20
Kevin was NOT expecting that!!👏🏻👏🏻 #marryingmillions
03/03 23:20
Now Kevin wants to do something for Kattie..she like #marryingmillions
03/03 23:01
Erica’s dad said he’ll always be there to support but his lack of support caused the cancellation of the wedding #marryingmillions
03/03 23:01
What's worse Katie struggling to get Kevin to even show her a littlee affection and compassion and Rick is pretty much telling Erica he'll give her the world and she ain't gonna marry him?? #marryingmillions
02/10 23:20
Me signing a prenup with no problem #MarryingMillions
02/10 23:01
#marryingmillions Donovan, if Dani doesn't want you because because of a stupid prenup, I can give you a loooooong list of women who'd be happy to sign one... #marryingmillions
09/09 23:20
Bree’s mom asked him what is his problem 😂😂😂😂😂Bill never thought he had one #marryingmillions
09/09 23:01
08/05 23:20
Desiree, girl.... he's keeping you a secret because his ass is gay #marryingmillions
08/05 23:00
Brian is about to stalk you girl. He’s not ready to let go of his meal ticket #MarryingMillions
09/11 23:24
Gentille is telling herself whatever she needs to to justify settling for this inbred. Her mom is rolling. #MarryingMillions
09/11 23:23
Sean's Mother is like I couldn't get the bag so I'm going to help Megan secure it #marryingmillions
09/11 23:23
Megan: "We're not signing a prenup tomorrow." Sean's Dad: "How about tonight?" #MarryingMillions @lifetimetv