Trends on Ex On The Beach

02/20 22:30
Callum also confused Indfidelity and Infertility earlier this season... I’m convinced he just really didn’t understand the question 😂 #ExOnTheBeach
02/20 22:30
Does anyone else not believe Nicole when she says she can be faithful #ExOnTheBeach
02/13 22:30
Despite Marlon having Todd in the house, he's actually open to seeing ANOTHER ex 👀 #ExOnTheBeach
02/13 22:30
marlon and laurel have been friends for years though so wyd nicole??????? #ExOnTheBeach
01/30 22:08
Tbh....@CallumWeekender is trying his hardest with Georgia and that makes me happy #ExOnTheBeach
01/30 22:07
Sam might've been on track with Tyranny, until she mentioned a baby. #ExOnTheBeach
01/23 22:30
Tonight we say goodbye to Jakk + Sydney! #ExOnTheBeach
01/16 21:45
Welcome Allie's ex Carlos to the peak 👀 #ExOnTheBeach
01/09 22:27
Lmao Niall and Marlon roasting Daniel in their confessionals #ExOnThePEAK #ExOnTheBeach
01/09 22:06
Ryan when his ex finally arrives on the Peak and he finally might have a snuggle buddy #ExOnTheBeach
01/02 22:24
01/02 22:24
Oop Niall chooses Allie for a date #ExOnTheBeach
12/26 22:22
So Sydney's irrelevant ass lives to see yet another day... I can't believe we lost Megan & Laurel for this #ExOnTheBeach
12/26 22:02
Not the #NewYearsEve party Marlon and Jemmye were hoping for #ExOnTheBeach
12/05 23:07
Megan I thought you came to ruin his relationship, not cry and want him back. His actions are showing you he doesn't want you. #ExOnTheBeach
10/24 23:05
Devin stop! Not charts... #ExOnTheBeach
10/24 23:05
Coffey this whole reunion. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂#ExOnTheBeach
10/24 23:05
Aubrey is so full of shit, I literally can’t stand her 😭 #ExOnTheBeach
10/24 22:26
#ExOnTheBeach Anthony is playing Shannon again.
10/24 22:05
Woah the suspense with Geles making a last minute decision to pursue Anthony B. 😱 #ExOnTheBeach