Trends on Are You the One?

01/16 20:49
09/13 01:02
#ayto -so nour wont answer if she and jasmine are still together -justin , max, and Kari were in a love triangle -basit and Jonathan are living their best life -kai is somehow the peaceful and stable one -jenna is in therapy -paige and Remy are in a committed rl
09/13 01:02
max say fraudulent one more time i fucking dare you #AYTO
09/13 00:42
“i have a really soft side for amber, there’s a lot of history with her... at the end of the day i know where me and her stand” - Nour on the @afterbuzztv reunion #ayto
09/10 01:43
09/10 01:23
Amber really boom boomed with Justin then matched with Remy the next day. A queen. A legend. An icon. #AYTO
09/10 00:25
Justin and Kylie? #AYTO
09/10 00:25
Season 5 after finding out season 8 won the game #AYTO #AYTO8
09/10 00:25
I can’t even look Justin in the damn face 😩 #AYTO
09/10 00:25
Amber:We played with our hearts, emotions... Me: DICKS #AYTO
09/10 00:24
Once again, my group chat — all of whom are 30something queers — have somehow made it up until the deeply homophobic hour of almost 11pm on a work night for #AYTO
09/10 00:05
I’m just...maybe sex before a unconfirmed match ceremony was a bad call. #AYTO
09/10 00:05
#ayto Basit looking at that hot tub like
09/09 23:06
This finale better be good #AYTO
09/02 23:45
Kai LIVES in that Boom boom room #AYTO #AYTO8 #AreYouTheOne
09/02 23:45
kai and danny got me all #ayto
09/02 23:27
I’m rooting for you JAX @dramaxic @JustinaveryPalm #AYTO
08/12 23:28
Nour just called jasmine an ugly ass bish Nour: #ayto #areyoutheone
08/12 23:28
Hold up, don’t get it twisted. @_PaigeCole OVER Katy Perry any and every day. God made Paige first then said “Damn, run that back one more time.” #AYTO
08/05 23:46
Ah fuck Jenna and Amber aren’t a match. #AYTO