Trends on Snowfall

04/23 01:24
#SnowfallFX is such a great show. The development of the characters. The actors. All are truly amazing. If you haven’t seen it. Go watch it. It’s worth watching all 4 seasons. Next season is going to get dark for Mr Franklin Saint
04/22 20:50
Cissy leaving Alton before Reed came in #SnowfallFX
04/22 01:23
The symbolism there with Franklin putting down the cane #SnowfallFX
04/22 00:44
I love how well written the females of Snowfall are written. Strong, smart, black, and beautiful. Louie and Cissy are amazing to watch and the writers of #SnowfallFX haven’t dropped the ball once. Excellence in every episode, ever scene, every second. Until Season 5 🥂
04/22 00:24
His momma & daddy gone. Reed is stepping down. Jerome just pushed him away. Franklin is literally on his own now #SnowfallFX
04/21 23:25
Very nervous for the Saint family #SnowfallFX
04/21 22:23
The spirit of Khadijah done climbed into Skully’s body to finish the job. #SnowfallFX
04/21 21:43
It can only get better from here, right? Wrong. The season finale of #SnowfallFX starts in 30 minutes, East Coast.
04/15 06:41
Nothing better not happen to Jerome next week... I swear 😡😖 #SnowfallFX
04/15 03:01
T called Manboy, “Drew” & Franklin said #SnowfallFX
04/15 00:40
#Snowfallfx #snowfall Gustavo and Teddy popped up on Irene like.
04/14 23:41
I don’t care what anyone says, Teddy is a real one #Snowfallfx
04/14 22:41
Damn that was cold how Franklin and Peaches pulled down on Wanda!! #SnowfallFX
04/08 04:21
Not my girl Louie. Not Louie! I can’t take this. #SnowfallFX
04/07 22:21
I feel so vindicated I knew she wasn’t shit #SnowfallFX
03/31 22:28
RIP my nigga Fatback. #SnowfallFX
03/31 22:28
Excuse me, Leon... Fatback’s death is on WHO?! #SnowfallFX
03/25 00:41
That reporter lady want that Andre special I see .Gone head on lady before this guy meet you at the crossroads... #SnowfallFX
03/04 00:40
Gustavo has to throw someone off something . it never fails . #SnowfallFX
03/03 23:41
Oso got it back in blood fr 😤 #SnowfallFX