Trends on The Next Big Thing

01/20 10:02
Berber when Baby made him a special thank you post. JOSHNELLA NextBigThing
09/10 23:22
Okay 2 things, I wonder how much pretty yellow being pregnant effects her chances for an offer. Also she looks like Tommi from l&hh tonight. #nextbigthing
08/27 23:24
Pretty Yellow is 🔥🔥🔥 tonight. When she remembers her lyrics she dope as hell. Lovee gave us spoken word & rap fusion #NextBigThing
08/27 23:24
I knew it.. damn that's fucked up and I agree with Tia P.. I said that before they did.... PY fits todays modern music standards...but God bless. Dang #NextBigThing
07/30 23:08
The way Tate fumbled after allllllladat extra he was doing... #nextbigthing