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09/18 00:41
@bringthefunny @TheValleyfolk Been my boys for years, CONGRATS❤️❤️
09/18 00:21
@bringthefunny @TheValleyfolk Congratulations @TheValleyfolk
09/17 23:23
When your favorite show's finale's audio has been bad and you're halfway through the episode with no fix #BringTheFunny
09/17 23:23
@TacarraComedian you were robbed! Can't believe you didn't win #BringTheFunny. You were way funnier than valley whoever's. Never watching @bringthefunny ever again. Done.
09/17 23:03
Who ever is responsible for the sound is surly getting a write up! How we supposed to judge without hearing? #BringTheFunny @bringthefunny
09/17 22:43
#bringthefunny PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! FIX THE DAMN AUDIO!! I have no idea what’s going on because I can’t hear shit!
09/17 22:43
Awww, can’t hear Kenan. #BringTheFunny
09/10 23:22
@bringthefunny #BringTheFunny Tacarra Williams
09/04 00:20
#FunnyVoteFrangela & vote 10 more times at ⁦@nbc⁩ .com! ⁦@bringthefunny⁩ #BringTheFunny
09/04 00:20
If you guys tweet out and vote for @TheValleyfolk using the hashtag #funnyvotevalleyfolk I will like you. I will like you so hard. #BringTheFunny
09/03 23:03
Y'all get to help me out as a judge on #BringTheFunny TONIGHT!! Get ready to vote and tune in to @NBC at 10/9c!!!
08/28 00:01
@bringthefunny Anybody who knows me knows that all of my votes are going to @mattrife! #FunnyVoteMatt
08/06 23:24
#BringTheFunny The magician beat the comedian...? This show makes no sense.
08/06 23:23
Even his name is funny. FELTFACE. #BringTheFunny
08/06 23:23
Randy was the right choice. #BringTheFunny