Trends on Southern Charm

02/05 01:01
Wow. To know Caleb has two LL in "Ravenell" because the slave master was Ravenel (Thomas ancestor) and y'all haters out here in #SouthernCharm threads STILL act like y'all don't understand the harm in the comments made by Kathryn. GTFOH.
02/05 01:01
#SouthernCharm I don’t care what y’all say, Madison got these chauvinist men fucking shook at this reunion & I am fucking loving it!! When she called Craig a crackhead I was DEAD! 😩🤣🤣
02/05 01:00
Man, Craig is how many sheets to the wind? #SouthernCharm
02/05 01:00
Idc what y’all say, Leva woke these mfs up this season. I know that’s right, get em together girl! #SouthernCharm
02/05 00:21
Austen finally watching this season #SouthernCharm #SouthernCharmReunion
02/04 20:42
I like Pringle but he's more "Friend of" material than Cast Member #SouthernCharm
01/29 01:01
I like happy Shep. #SouthernCharm
01/28 22:02
Im here for @C_Conover not being “scared” of Patricia. It’s never made sense that they all think they need her approval. #SouthernCharm
01/28 22:02
So far my favourite reunion line? “Shut your MUPPET MOUTH.” #SouthernCharm #SouthernCharmReunion 🤣🤣🤣
01/07 22:42
Unpopular opinion: Danni sucks. #SouthernCharm
01/07 22:23
Remember when everyone gave the Kardashians so much shit for having Kim’s birthday party on a private island during a pandemic?? #SouthernCharm
11/19 22:23
It’s so awkward to watch the beginning of Covid when people made a joke of Corona and didn’t take the threat seriously (like now tbh) #SouthernCharm
10/30 00:22
Oh Kathryn...not a good look to go after our beloved Cam #SouthernCharm
10/29 21:45
When Thomas Ravenel’s face pops up during the #SouthernCharm premiere
08/29 01:41
The double standard Kathryn is being held too at this reunion is so fucking annoying like #SouthernCharm
08/28 21:45
I think I figured out the identity of Chelsea’s boyfriend. #SouthernCharm
08/28 21:45
Andy: Welcome Eliza Eliza: #SouthernCharm
08/21 21:46
Wow. #ShepRose tapping hard into the Orientalism on #SouthernCharmReunion. Maybe #Metul is just a doctor and cares about what kind of food he's eating. Also, he's #American #BorninDC. #14thAmendment #SouthernCharm #Bravo
08/15 02:02
Ashley apologizing to Kathryn #SouthernCharm
08/14 23:05
Aw hell, they just threw Landon under the bus in 1.5 seconds as a bonus #SouthernCharm