Trends on The Hills

05/12 22:10
Hmm wonder what wrecked Brody’s marriage... #TheHillsNewBeginnings #TheHills
09/02 23:20
Justin Bobby is the human version of Trent. #thehills #TheHillsNewBeginnings
09/02 23:20
In a deleted scene from last week's #TheHills: NewBeginnings, Audrina is pushing through her divorce and focusing on being the best mom she can be to Kirra. ❤️
08/19 23:20
08/19 22:40
Heidi's "singing" is a mess. LMAO #TheHills #TheHillsNewBeginnings
08/12 23:00
08/05 23:40
I am HERE for this Audrina! 👏 #TheHills
07/08 23:21
Do Spencer and Heidi think their child is a royal baby? They act like everyone should have dropped everything to come running to them. You can't have poor relationships with friends/family then expect these things. #TheHills #TheHillsNewbeginnings
07/08 23:02
Justin Bobby: The original f🌀ck boy #TheHills
06/24 22:42
I love Pamela Anderson even more. She dead ass moved to France because of Trump #TheHillsNewBeginnings #TheHills