Trends on Saturday Night Live

02/28 18:05
Regé is really killing this hosting gig. The queen would be most proud. #SNL
02/28 14:46
Thought Nick was bout to sing Watermelon Sugar #SNL
02/28 03:43
Nick Jonas in this all coral suit is such a LOOK! Yes king! #snl
02/28 01:40
Okay...Not only is the homie @nickjonas KILLIN IT in @nbcsnl OVERALL as host AND musical guest tonight, but that performance of his new song "This Is Heaven" was 🔥🔥 !!! I'm now OBSESSED with it and can't wait to play it on air!!! #NickJonas #SNL
02/28 01:20
The just had this adorable kitten on #SNL... 😼
02/28 01:01
Ego Nwodim playing Dionne Warwick is an absolute gift. #SNL
02/28 00:41
I’m just going to live vicariously through @dinnerwithjulie as the Internet keeps churning out buckets of interest in #ButterGate. As a regular #SNL fan I also would like to help whip up some interest by @ColinJost for Weekend Update!
02/28 00:40
Cecily Strong as Marjorie Taylor Green was extremely spot on. I am torn because I definitely want more Cecily hysterically portraying MJT, but also I really need MJT to slither away back to the ooze she was spawned from and never come back. #SNL @nbcsnl
02/28 00:21
That murder show #SNL video sketch has officially made me feel seen. 😂 @nbcsnl
02/28 00:21
Another great Cinderella costume moment #SNL
02/28 00:20
Dammit now I’m singing both Murder Show and Boner #SNL
02/28 00:01
BREAKING NEWS! Shannon Delgado has been freed from the mirror.... 😂 #SNL
02/28 00:01
OK but "Murder Shows" is a bop. hella catchy🗡️ #SNL
02/27 23:41
If loving Pete Davidson is wrong then I never want to be right. #SNL
02/27 23:40
Aidy Bryant as Cancun Cruz was a great start to tonight’s #SNL. 💀
02/27 23:40
.@chloefineman, Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong, and Pete Davidson absolutely KILLED that cold open. There's nothing like dunking on Ted Cruz and Gina Carano to make my weekend. #SNL
02/27 23:40
"We have the Kirkland Vaccine made by Costco. And it comes with a free pack of 24 hot dogs!" #SaturdayNightLive #SNL
02/24 13:44
@simonwiesenthal @antisemites @showbiz411 It isn’t just this joke of #MichaelChe it was also the one in May 2020 about Miss Israel winning the Miss Hitler Beauty Pageant held annually in the Ukraine 🇺🇦. It’s also the #LarryDavid joke about Jews at Auschwitz checking each other out on #SNL & so much more @nbc @nbcsnl
02/22 16:26
Pro-Israel folks are so mad at Michael Che for making this joke on #SNL last night, claiming it’s antisemitic. Criticizes apartheid, discrimination and abandonment of basic human rights of Palestinians has NOTHING to do with antisemitism.
02/22 15:47
My Mom & I just took our 2nd @pfizer #COVID19Vaccine shot! BTW... #SNL @nbcsnl, we don't belong to the "Jewish half" but to the #Israeli whole 🇮🇱🎉 Almost 4.5M Israelis, Jews, Arabs & even forigner residents, received the 1st shot, 3M got the 2nd. It didn't really hurt 🤦🏻‍♂️😉