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09/28 15:22
09/28 15:22
06/15 23:42
Usher really picked this TRASH California song over Personal! Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ #Songland
06/15 23:42
California needs to be a drake song for sure 🔥🔥 #Songland
06/15 23:04
Usher not choosing Billions has me like...#Songland
05/25 23:41
05/25 23:41
Yes @EsterDean did that!!!! Yas love struck #Songland
05/25 23:41
You know what you’re doing and I’m here for it, @victoriabanks. Canadians breaking down the country songs tonight! #Songland
05/18 23:41
Man can’t believe I got to be a part of that one! Congratulations, @griffenpalmer! Check out @FLAGAline’s “Second Guessing” now! #Songland
05/18 21:43
@todd_tilghman @EsterDean @shanemcanally @NBCTheVoice @NBCSongland Woah mama! So rad man. You sound great homie. Let's blow this thing all the way up the chart and take it all home tomorrow! @NBCSongland #Songland
05/13 15:02
GOOD MORNING! Today singer/songwriter and @NBCSongland contestant @jeffreyjames will be on @THEJIGMEKSHOW @ 2:30pm EST Can’t wait for everyone to hear this interview! Stay Tuned! #Songland
05/11 22:43
Sad girl and numb hit SO hard, I love these songs #Songland
04/28 00:02
WHAAAAAAT?????? What about "Scary?" #Songland
04/20 23:01
Okay this song Sway should be out now! #Songland
04/14 00:01
“Champagne Night” is @ladyantebellum NEW song! 🙌 Reply your favorite #Songland GIF to congratulate @madelinemerlo.
09/11 22:53
@Liatris12 @NBCSongland @EsterDean TBH~#HateLove made ME want to dance more. I love how she changed it. Let's find someone to do his song.? OH Rihanna? Somebody??? #Songland
09/04 22:47
OMG EVERYTHING THAT JUST HAPPENED WAS INSANE!! THAT MELODY!!! And how the heck does Charlie Puth do the snaps and trumpet with his mouth?! #Songland
08/21 22:30
So we go way back.. I’ll stay young forever with you, @OldDominion #Songland
08/21 22:30
08/21 22:30
We have a winner! Fresh off a session with @NBCSongland, here’s our new Wrangler commercial with music written by @KatelynTarver and performed by @OldDominion. #Songland