Trends on The Chi

08/24 02:21
Keisha gaining the strength to put on her regular clothes & start running again #thechi
08/24 00:20
Trig working for Douda, but Douda killed his brother #thechi
08/23 23:41
Hold up! Did Tiff just address the pregnancy from last season & the reason she wasn't this season? OMG! That is ONE loose end tied up! #TheChiFinale #thechi
08/23 23:20
Emmett like ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾 @YolondaRoss #TheChi @SHOTheChi
08/23 22:41
This finale is beautiful!!!! #thechi
08/23 22:21
Darnell and that ear piece #TheChi #TheChiFinale
08/23 22:01
I love Papa and Myeshia relationship. Nothing but positive affirmations and honesty #TheChiFinale #TheChi
08/23 22:01
Lena, you have got to get some HBCU writers bc this season screamed 👱🏼‍♀️🧑🏼😡😒 Ain’t no way in hell, Jake’s character is that accepting. Stay your ass off the show, we sick of you and Tyler Perry thinking you’ll need to make an appearance🙄 #TheChi #TheChiFinale
08/23 21:41
I'm still confused how they thought killing Ronnie over coogie's murder made sense. #TheChi
08/10 02:41
By The Way... I definitely see a Dre and Jada Entanglement coming lol #TheChi
08/10 02:01
Dre needs to chill tf out, Kevin is out of control, and why tf would papa give that girl her kidnappers money? Like wtf poor keisha🤦🏽‍♀️ #TheChi
08/09 22:40
Gahhh all the scars and the pain on Kiesha's face and in her soul man #TheChi
07/27 03:00
Ya mama was a whore. Ya daddy wasn’t sh*t.” - Ms. Ethel #TheChi
07/26 21:41
#TheChi #TheCHI lmaoooooo Poppa I get you in love butttttttttttt you dropped your best friend cake 🎂 Poppa love you but dang
07/20 14:41
07/20 02:21
07/20 02:21
07/20 02:21
07/20 02:01
07/20 00:40
The writing this season is horrible. You’ll know damn well a track star would not fall to the ground after escaping 😡 #TheChi