Trends on Fear the Walking Dead

11/22 23:03
Strand knows a thing or two about being dangerous. #FearTWD
11/22 23:02
Charlie + Alycia #FearTWD name a better combo i’ll wait
11/22 23:02
Alicia is trusting her gut #FearTWD
11/22 22:43
When Virginia finds Al and Dwight's Walker doppelgangers #FearTWD
11/22 22:43
Morgan killed everyone in the convoy. 😳😳 @FearTWD #FearTWD
11/22 22:23
I don't trust Dakota. I said it. #FearTWD
11/22 21:23
Don’t miss Mid Season Finale of #FearTWD tonight!
11/22 21:03
Time for the Mid-Season Finale of #FearTWD!! 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️
11/15 23:23
June made the hard call. #FearTWD
11/15 23:03
Who else loves John Dorie the romantic? #FearTWD
11/15 22:24
Lawton is yeehaw Woodbury and Ginny is the Governor. #feartwd
11/15 22:23
Dwight & Sarah were never gonna give up without a fight! #FearTWD
11/15 22:04
Wes is okay! #FearTWD
11/08 22:43
Dwight in this episode 🍯 #FearTWD
11/08 22:43
I just wanted Dwight & Sherry to be together & healing together 😭😩😭😩 #FearTWD
11/08 22:24
#FearTWD Really glad Negan out there living his best life with a redemption arc on #Twd while his forced” wife “ is so traumatized by him that years later she is still suffering. 😡 duck Fuck Negan. Coercion isn’t consent. #feartwd #twdfamily
11/01 22:23
#FearTWD is 4/4! Crazy Not enough can be said about @garretdillahunt’s John Dorie. The moment we saw him in 4x01, he became an instant fan favorite. Really felt like watching a western flick! We’re dealing with a changed Dorie by the end, can’t wait for what’s next for him.
11/01 22:23
Janis sure put up one hell of a fight with us. #FearTWD
10/25 22:04
Idk why there's a miracle cure for the plague on the roof of that building, but OK! #FearTWD
10/19 00:22
Ohhhhhh! Shit! Daniel does remember everything! #FearTWD