Trends on MasterChef

06/16 21:20
Hold up.. I KNOW I just ain’t see a doggone commercial for a Paula Deen Show on Fox Nation. I KNOW I ain’t just see that… So y’all just straight up letting us know, ain’t shit changed, huh? #Masterchef
06/16 21:20
Cant believe I'm sat ere, drinkin beer, gettin emotional when someone received an apron on Masterchef USA auditions, an their backstory makes it all worthwhile, ffs Ka, get a grip😪 Gonna go drink more beer an watch a big fat action gun gangsta film an bury the feelings 😆😎👍🤦‍♀️
06/14 07:22
@MasterChef_es @Louis_Tomlinson he’s just the cutest
06/14 06:22
06/14 06:02
06/09 21:00
Joe is like the 2 snooty white businessmen from Princess and the Frog with that comment. Fuck you. GET YA WIN MAMA D #MasterChef
04/14 17:20
@MasterChefUK umm masterchef final? Have been very patient all weekend however now it’s just a bit of a joke - we would like to know When, this week, it will be aired! #MasterChefUK #mastercheffinal
04/14 17:20
Masterchef prediction... Alexina will win Tom will be second JUST but get himself a job in le gavroche immediately Mike 3rd and will leave with the sparkliest smile in the room 😀 #MasterChefUK #masterchef #mastercheffinal
04/14 16:40
Alexina has an attitude #MasterChef
04/14 15:40
Would love it if when the contestants get told they’re cooking for some celebrity chef, one of them pulls out an Alan.. #MasterChefUK #MasterChef
04/09 18:01
04/08 17:22
“They all intimately know how to get round the Roux kitchens” #GreggWallace #MasterChef #MasterChefUK
04/08 17:22
Michel Roux watching him smash the madeleines on the bench after saying how important they were to him #MasterChef
04/08 16:41
Oh god, another rack of lamb. Usually the kiss of death this season #masterchef
04/05 17:25
Madeeha: ive never filleted a fish or made pasta Chef: yes do both Madeeha #MasterChefUK #masterchef
03/29 17:24
What's a restaurant advisor and why would you need two? #MasterChef
03/29 16:44
They grumbled about madeeha’s presentation but not Stefan’s awful splat plate! #masterchef
03/25 19:01
Loving that amount of garlic going on. Go big or go home eh Marc? #MasterChefUK #MasterChef
03/25 18:41
Got to be the poutine and the Korean cheesey chicken wings, surely? #MasterChef
03/25 18:22
Gregg: “I’m not a fan of chips, cheese and gravy” Me: #Masterchef @MasterChefUK