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03/05 16:01
03/05 16:01
Another sticky toffee pudding messed with. #MasterChef #MasterChefUK #LeaveStickyAlone
03/05 16:01
Grace Dent is absolutely brilliant at this. 😀 #masterchefuk #MasterChef #gracedent
03/05 15:21
03/01 17:29
Fish again from Ross, I think I’ve blown his cover #MasterChef
03/01 17:10
Another series of Gregg Wallace's Rictus Grin #MasterChef
03/01 16:48
It's that time of year again where I stuff my face with junk food whilst heckling #MasterChef contestants for overwhipping their Hollandaise. PS ... I cannot even cook rice. @MasterChefUK #MasterChefUK #NowWatching
01/22 08:00
Omg hey besties 😊 im back & just in time for #MASTERCHEF_GFRIEND_EP2 @GFRDofficial
01/21 21:22
01/16 07:21
01/16 07:01
Woo..its the start of the Hashtag Event for Memoria’s new episode!! Yay~~ Buddies start tweeting with this format: #MASTERCHEF_GFRIEND_EP1 @GFRDofficial
01/04 20:44
12/27 07:42
12/17 17:42
I thought this was the MasterChef final, not the X Factor Final... #MasterchefTheProfessionals #MasterChefUK
12/17 17:41
In a follow up to my previous tweet... Me trying to book a table at Santosh’s restaurant before the MasterChef rush #MasterChefUK #MasterchefTheProfessionals
12/17 17:41
Congratulations, Alex! I would go to @chefsantoshshah 's restaurant every week given half a chance! Mouth watering just hearing his menu. #masterchef @MasterChefUK @BBCOne great final!
12/08 18:41
Josie 😢 @MasterChef_es
12/08 17:01
Bart’s the top guy for me. You eat food with your eyes as much as your mouth. Bart’s art makes him a Dutch master (chef) #MasterchefTheProfessionals #Masterchef
11/24 17:41
Me trying to spot the 4th contestant in the edit of masterchef. #MasterchefTheProfessionals #masterchefuk
11/17 17:20
Eat my ants you bastards #MasterChef