Trends on Queen Sugar

03/03 00:01
Micah on the phone acting like he grown. #QueenSugar
03/03 00:01
Watch him bring his kids to Nova’s house #QueenSugar
03/03 00:01
When Ralph Angel says baby... #QueenSugar
03/02 21:42
Come on DARLA start a business and make that money #QUEENSUGAR
03/02 21:42
@QueenSugarOWN @avaduvernayfans @ava @AshConsultingGr I’m calling on all the Saints...please don’t take Mr. Prosper from us! #queensugar
03/02 21:03
This is making me nervous. Any one character could get covid and be gone #QueenSugar
03/02 21:03
Me watching Aunt Vi & Hollywood's kitchen scene. #QUEENSUGAR
03/02 20:43
We got this. Just have to believe” Ralph Angel character’s growth is beautiful! #QueenSugar
03/02 20:43
Nih Charley you know it ain’t ALL GOOD! Anytime my momma says that it’s definitely bout to be some shit 🤣🤣#QueenSugar
03/02 20:22
When times get tough, you can count on Aunt Vi and Hollywood to take care of their community. #QUEENSUGAR
02/23 21:22
Calvin said, "We all good in the hood." Calvin, you fine and all, but... #QUEENSUGAR
02/23 20:41
My mouth is on the floor! Calvinnnnnn, damn! If words could kill, Hailey would be deceased. Okay! #QueenSugar
02/16 21:22
Don’t mess with Aunty Charlie! She knows how to fight! 😵 @dawnlyen #QUEENSUGAR
02/16 21:22
Hunnyeeee, this is abt to be a heavyweight fight between Charley and Parker! #QueenSugar
02/16 20:01
My 83yr old mama has been up til 2am the past couple nights watching @QueenSugar repeats. @ava she is ready for the Queen the Sugar and all the tea tonight!!
08/11 22:02
Wait a minute, we gotta wait until 2021 for the next season of Queen Sugar. Oh my lord. #Greenleaf #GreenleafOwn #QueenSugar
09/11 22:40
Sam is Ernestine’s daddy!!!#QUEENSUGAR
09/11 22:01
Bullseye. Bye Frances. #QueenSugar
09/11 21:01
The Season Finale of #QUEENSUGAR starts in 10 minutes. Roll Call! Who's watching with us!?
09/04 22:40
Micah: “I’m not going to Harvard.... I’m going Xavier University of Louisiana” Me: #QueenSugar