Trends on Queen Sugar

04/21 01:02
This is me running behind Ralph Angel , Darla & Blu to bring Blu back to the farm! #QueenSugar @QueenSugarOWN @OWNTV
04/21 00:02
We're glad Blue loves his new school. 🖤 #QUEENSUGAR
04/20 22:03
Wow. I expected Calvin to move out. I expected him to maybe even vanish from Nova's life altogether. I did NOT expect him to turn himself in. #QueenSugar
04/20 22:03
@dawnlyen and @TimonKDurrett wore that scene Out! Do you hear me, shoot I forgive Davis too!#QueenSugar
04/20 22:03
Calvin turning himself in. #QueenSugar
04/20 21:42
"It's me! I'm real and I'm here for you Charley." @TimonKDurrett @dawnlyen #QueenSugar
04/20 21:23
When Darla told Ralph Angel she was pregnant with his child!! #QueenSugar
04/20 20:46
Blue, you are the best! Now Pops has Kenya to look after him! @EthanSHutch @kofi @BiancaLawson #QueenSugar #BlueistheGlue
04/20 20:45
Micah like..."wtf you called who"...#Iamonmyway #queensugar
04/20 20:27
Yes Hollywood come through with the hard truth! Aunt Vi needed to hear it. #QueenSugar
04/20 20:27
Lmfao Aunt Vi said girl what?! #QueenSugar
04/13 20:44
Today, I am grateful for... Whichever person in charge of #QueenSugar stopped Ralph Angel from mumbling all his lines. We's finally free.
04/13 20:43
That Chadwick shout-out was A1. Made me cry. #QueenSugar
04/06 22:42
I just need confirmation on whether or not Charlie has the Rona or Anxiety/Panic Attacks 🥴 #QUEENSUGAR
04/06 20:23
Lawd, please not Charly getting covid #QueenSugar
03/23 21:44
#QueenSugar it's sad that we went from teaching our kids StrangerDanger to teaching them how to survive just being BLACK
03/23 20:24
03/16 21:23
It ain’t really a Wedding Reception until Frankie Beverly and Maze is on the wheels of steel! #QueenSugar
03/16 21:03
Not them playing Tony Terry 😭😭😭😭😭#QUEENSUGAR
03/09 21:03
I’m telling you now, they better leave Mr. Prosper alone. His only crisis better be loneliness.#QueenSugar