Trends on Younger

06/10 23:40
Normally when a TV couple gets engaged I am super excited but why this time I'm begging Liza Just say NO⁉⁉⁉⁉ #YoungerTV
09/05 00:00
CHARLES: "May I have this dance?" #YoungerTV #HappilyEnzoAfter @sfosternyc @PeterHermann
09/05 00:00
My brain when Liza told Josh no.... #YoungerTV #TeamJosh
09/04 22:42
KELSEY: "Today is my last day at Millennial." #YoungerTV @HilaryDuff @sfosternyc
09/04 22:42
DIANA: "We are happy for her. We are happy for us. WE. ARE. HAPPY." 😭😭😭 #YoungerTV @sfosternyc #miriamshor
08/28 23:00
"I know when you're lying, especially to yourself. You wrote a letter to the wrong guy." 😮 #YoungerTV @YoungerTV @sfosternyc @NicoTortorella
08/14 23:00
Quinn did it. #YoungerTV
08/07 23:00
PAULINE: "Do you need to borrow a dress?" @YoungerTV #YoungerTV @sfosternyc