Trends on Ink Master

04/15 00:20
Me not knowing what to do next Tuesday since #inkmaster cancelled their finale
04/14 23:20
Angel gets the second spot #InkMaster
04/14 23:20
#InkMaster Bob during the 13 hour tattooing
04/14 23:01
Damn. They sent Kelly home already. This man didn't even get a chance to redeem himself. I thought for sure everyone would be doing at least two tattoos. Also, I do think Jimmy has an advantage here with the flash sheets. Street shops do flash all day. #InkMaster #TattoosDay
04/14 23:01
@Jimmysnaz1 BRO I need you to STOP CAUSING ME ANXIETY WITH THIS EPISODE. a 15 minute tattoo?? #InkMaster
04/07 23:20
You wouldn't be fuck if you didn't send your own teammate home Jerrel #InkMaster
04/07 23:20
The final pardon! #InkMaster
04/07 22:40
Grab your tissue boxes. This is gonna be a very memorable and touching flash challenge. Art for a cause and a chance to change these peoples’ lives. #InkMaster @Schooch314 @ashlie226 @inkmaster
03/31 23:40
Snaz and frank dressing a like.... 😂@inkmaster #InkMaster
03/10 23:21
Of course, they're going to have people help Jason. #InkMaster
09/25 00:20
#InkMaster Dani, you DO have what it takes to go to the finale.
09/25 00:20
@LAURAMARIEWACK1 and @daniryanart1 are so beautiful. Their pieces were so amazing and I’m so proud of them. I love you both. Congrats Laura. You worked so damn hard on it. @inkmaster #InkMaster
09/25 00:01
I’m so torn on Grudge Match. On one hand, I love Ryan Ashley. On the other hand, I HATE Cleen. #InkMaster #InkMasterFinale
09/24 23:01
Honestly, I would be incapable of selecting one winner from the veterans tattoos! #inkmaster
09/10 23:20
#InkMaster Pon!! She doesn't want the f'n flower!! Flowers because she a female?
09/04 00:01
DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD! Cam's lives have finally run out. This dude should have went home three weeks ago. And can we talk about how @LAURAMARIEWACK1 was taking NO shit down there? She put everyone in their place. #InkMaster #TattoosDay
09/04 00:00
Dani’s chicken nugget eagle winning over cam is pay back for cam winning the cross stitch challenge. #InkMaster
08/06 23:22
Ash in the bottom 3...AGAIN! #InkMaster