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10/29 22:23
10/29 22:23
Hitting the Whammy on your last spin. #PressYourLuck
10/29 22:04
#PressYourLuck I'm a big soda drinker, but 30 years worth of Pepsi T H I R T Y?! Hopefully she'll share with her personal stylist if she wins em.
10/29 21:44
10/08 22:23
#PressYourLuck Scott, please for everybody's sanity, please walk away
10/01 22:21
10/01 22:03
10/01 21:41
09/24 22:21
#PressYourLuck WHAT. A. GAME. Valiant effort from Pam, but that Add-A-One was too insurmountable and the whammies weren't showing up for Theo. One for the books.
07/12 22:26
#PressYourLuck The great spin battle of 2020
07/12 22:26
07/12 22:25
I think Fremantle had a freighter of Teslas dropped off before the season. #PressYourLuck
07/12 22:25
Ryan got Big Bucks! #PressYourLuck
07/12 22:06
#PressYourLuck Emily SURVIVES the Big Bucks Bonus Round and becomes the highest winner in history. No more of "BuT iF yOu FaCtOr MiChAeL lArSoN's InFlAtIoN" nonsense.
07/12 22:05
He can put the gumballs for life in the socks for life and mug people if he doesn't win a lot. It all works out. #PressYourLuck
07/12 21:45
06/28 22:24
It's always nice to see game shows change lives. Congratulations to Jason #PressYourLuck
06/28 22:04
The spins have been passed! 😱 #PressYourLuck @ElizabethBanks
06/28 21:44
06/14 22:24