Trends on The Real Housewives of Potomac

05/24 16:41
You know how we get pointless and filler "never before scene" episode from #rhony and #rhobh (Andy favors them) If a franchise ever needed one, it'd be #rhop season 5. So much unaired footage left on the cutting floor. Gizelle cursing people out at the reunion.
05/24 16:41
Candiace and Wendy have been called aggressive because them bitches are aggressive #RHOP
05/24 16:41
Me after that #RHOP trailer
05/24 16:41
I really cannot with Candiace and all these tears. 🙄😑 She needs intense therapy #RHOP
05/24 16:41
@ThePeachReport Mia serving Beauty, Storyline and SHADE on her first season... #RHOP
04/18 21:12
Wait. They just showed the cast of #RHOP on #Married2Med at the beginning of the recap... Or did I imagine that?
04/18 21:12
Did anybody catch the Potomac preview right before Married to Meds??? #RHOP #Married2Med
04/18 21:12
04/18 21:11
Was I the only person who peeped the #RHOP sneak peek they showed when transitioning from #RHOA to #M2M?!
03/16 21:30
12/29 02:43
Chris Samuels dropped the mic by saying: “I play chess, not checkers.” #rhop #moniquesamuels #horriblemessgizelle #backtaxesrobyn #ladyandycohen
12/29 02:42
The reason why Gizelle and Robyn go after successful marriages is because they had men that did them wrong in the past! That’s what they’re bitter, jealous and hateful on the inside because what their men did to them! That’s why they hate on Monique! #RHOP
12/28 23:22
Wow! @Andy's bias was real and he needs to own it! #RHOP
12/28 20:41
Karen dont care about not being on that hat website 😂😂#RHOP
12/28 11:21
Literally @RobynDixonRHOP looked sooo stupid getting all loud saying that she’s glad Juan Dixon was not at the reunion. What was he gonna do? #RHOP
12/28 03:02
That scene with Robyn screaming about being glad Juan Dixon wasn’t there was pure comedy!!! 😂😂😂 Like, girl WTF was Juan gonna do!!!#RHOPreunion #RHOP
12/28 02:42
Giselle body Guard in his Head when Chris Samuels stood up #RHOP
12/28 02:02
Juan couldn't be there because of basketball practice? Practice. Practice? #RHOPReunion #RHOP
12/27 22:41
Candiace talking about Chris Samuels walking off the stage for a break “this is a lot” #RHOP
12/27 22:22
“Hurt people hurt people. Go get some help!” #RHOP