Trends on MasterChef Junior

06/04 22:22
Che won #MasterChefJunior but he said he wishes he could cut the trophy into thirds so he could share. SHEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! If I win something that only I had to do with, EYE win. ME. I ain’t sharing shit! These new kids is different.
06/04 22:22
Aaaaaaaree you serious? Che? Not ivy #MasterChefJunior
06/04 22:02
.@ChristinaTosi said Malia's dessert was "beyond amazing!" #MasterChefJunior @MasterChefJrFOX
05/28 21:21
the chemistry between Ivy and Reid was on POINT... now everybody else?😬 I'm worried about #MasterChefJunior
05/15 01:01
Jaala and Matthew should have been in the top 6 #MasterChefJunior
05/14 20:40
What dish would you make with corn? #MasterChefJunior
04/23 23:40
Brielle crying is making me cry. I can't look at that sweet face. #masterchefjunior
04/23 21:20
Save some that canned tuna sushi for me, @GordonRamsay #MasterChefJunior
04/16 22:20
04/09 21:20
HAHAHAHA those cupcakes #masterchefjunior