Trends on Station 19

05/28 10:01
@TellTaleTV_ @spampistefania @Station19 Congratulations @spampistefania!!! So proud of you, you truly deserve this. Your performances keep blowing my mind week after week. You're such an extraordinary actress and person!!! We love you very much ❤️
05/27 21:24
SMASH. THOSE. PLATES. To celebrate the dead… and honor the pain of the living. 😭🖤 #Station19
05/27 21:24
Tonight we get the promo for the SEASON FINALE!!! #Station19
05/20 22:03
05/20 21:43
Kevin: arent you getting married? Danielle: i’m- no!! well then. #Station19 #GreysAnatomy #greysxstation19
05/20 21:24
Friday night lights got me crying like a baby 😭 #Station19 #GreysAnatomy
05/20 21:03
“I didn’t find my home until I met you, bambina. you’re my home” #Station19
05/20 21:03
05/20 21:03
"I don't want to get marry" #Station19 @D_SAVRE @spampistefania
05/20 20:41
“I didn’t find my home until I found you” @D_SAVRE @spampistefania #station19
05/20 20:40
@Station19 @iJesseWilliams No we don’t. We like to see Jackson in the OR doing what a surgeon does, not rolling around playing firefighter with Ben. Y’all tried it though.
05/06 21:42
@Station19 I hope Sullivan doesn't get hurt in this episode because of Miller, because I'm already upset enough with him and I don't need any more ...
05/06 21:42
I thought they were on Meredith's beach - I was about to snap. #Station19
05/06 21:23
“I cannot imagine walking through this life without you in it, Benjamin Warren. That would break me.” #Station19
05/06 21:02
Can Ben and Bailey try for another baby please #Station19 #GreysxStation19
05/06 20:41
Ok ok go with me...Miranda gets pregnant before he loses them balls #Station19
05/06 20:22
It's been two years since Chief Ripley died, I'm still so sad and angry. He deserved so much better. He had a great career, he was starting an incredible love story with Vic. Why did you take him away from us? I miss you #BrettTucker in station19. 💔💔😘 #ChiefRipley #Vicley
05/06 20:22
not to jump the gun but if they do some sort of custody battle storyline and JJ’s parents get custody of pru I’m gonna raise absolute hell #Station19
05/06 20:22
04/29 21:21
LET’S GO! @station19 @d_savre @spampistefania @jayhayden00 @harparbar @ABCNetwork @kristavernoff @shondaland @shondarhimes @barrett_doss @JainaLeeOrtiz @OakSmash RENEW STATION 19