Trends on Claws

08/11 22:45
Season Finale was the bomb! But now what am I gonna do on Sunday nights? 😭😭 @ClawsTNT #cLawsUp #claws @HaroldPerrineau @NiecyNash @itisIjudyreyes @carriepreston @thejennlyon
08/11 22:45
Uh I’m confused is Roller(Jack Kesy) leaving the show?!?? His scenes have been getting cut short but wow I— #clawstnt
08/11 22:45
Soooo roller is gone??? Chileeeeee p.s. I'm tired of "quiet" ann bullshit #ClawsTNT
08/11 22:45
I’m telling u right now, if Uncle Daddy and Desna really worked together, no bullshit, no snake shit, a full fledge organization..they would be powerful..#ClawsTNT #Claws
08/11 22:25
"Do you think a casino manager who's secretly in bed with the Triads and moonlights as an assassin would lie to me?" #ClawsTNT
08/11 22:07
Oh hell no. Toby cancelled. You can't shoot nobody who lends you they Costco card. #ClawsTNT
08/11 22:06
Uncle daddy you lying sack of shit. #clawstnt
08/11 21:47
I love Polly she is to funny😂 #ClawsTNT
08/11 21:47
Good job Virginia #ClawsTNT
08/11 21:46
Dean really questioning someone mental state. #ClawsTNT
08/11 21:03
i’ve got my box of wine handy & i’m ready for the #ClawsTNT finale
08/04 23:21
Ann knocked Melba into the next millenium. #ClawsTNT
07/21 22:20
I wasn’t expecting the Professor to pop up and slash Arlene’s throat! #ClawsTNT
07/21 21:41
Love Quiet Anne 💕soo funny tonight #ClawsTNT
06/16 22:22
06/16 22:02
Jen shouldn’t worry about the environment she has for her biracial daughter. She has a group of close friends who are diverse. It isn’t just Dad who isn’t white! #ClawsTNT
06/16 21:43
Dr Ken rn #ClawsTNT
06/16 21:43
@NiecyNash @thejennlyon done called @karrueche every name except Cyclops tonight. Left Eye, Captain Crunch, Jack Sparrow @ClawsTNT #ClawsTNT
06/16 21:22
Uncle Daddy ain't sh*t. #ClawsTNT
06/16 21:22
Cash makes her eye light up 🤑😂 #ClawsTNT