Trends on Big Little Lies

07/22 20:02
I would honestly watch a series consisting of only Meryl and Nicole crossing examining each other for hours on their parental fitness #BLL2
07/22 02:00
#BigLittleLies finale!!! Whyyyy!!! 😩
07/22 02:00
#BigLittleLies courtroom scene needs an Emmy. Celeste showed that tape in court and I was like:
07/22 02:00
Renata Klein is a mood. @LauraDern is a goddess. Still can’t get over that scene. #BigLittleLies
07/22 01:20
The season finale of #BigLittleLies was so good! I was rewinding Celeste and Mary Louise scenes so many times. Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep y'all did that!
07/22 00:41
Mary Louise had no chance. Elle Woods was on deck. #BigLittleLies
07/22 00:01
Me when I thought Bonnie’s dad was about to walk in on his daughter killing his wife/her mom: #BigLittleLies
07/21 22:42
Kidman v Streep. #BigLittleLies
07/15 00:40
A word for mary lousie #BigLittlelies
07/07 22:23
HBO has been giving us 45 minute episodes of Big Little Lies instead of the 60 minutes we deserve & they STILL had the AUDACITY to cut the scene of Reese throwing ice cream at Meryl? #BigLittleLies
07/07 22:23
I thought Jane was an accountant? And why isn't anyone on the show mentioning her bangs? Girl got bangs! What's with Corey? He looks like he's in high school! How old IS Jane, anyway? Why is Ziggy's hair a different color? What does Nathan DO for a living? HELP ME #BigLittleLies
07/07 22:03
07/07 22:03
Can we all please take a moment to appreciate Jane's INCREDIBLE disco look 😍 #BLL2
06/30 21:23
Meryl Streep and Laura Dern are on absolutely different level this season, the whole cast is absolutely marvelous, but these two? #BigLittleLies
06/23 22:02
Watching Madeline's speech like #BLL2
06/23 21:23
So you’re telling me there’s ONE therapist in the whole ass town of monterey?? #BigLittleLies
06/23 21:23
Amabella having an anxiety attack about climate change and the end of the world is so relatable #BigLittleLies
06/16 21:41
#BigLittleLies Nathan is mad because his ex-wife's new husband won't give him advice about his new wife?
06/16 21:40
the scene with ziggy and jane #BigLittleLies
06/16 21:40