Trends on The Real Housewives of New York City

09/24 23:22
@BravoTV @DorindaMedley @BravoTV is making HUGE mistake letting @DorindaMedley go.After all the classic lines,Blue Stone Manor,her humor & kindness shouldn’t b forgotten because 1 tough year. Obviously, DM was in pain why not show compassion? Nobody was meaner & nastier than Bethenny & u kept her #RHONY
09/24 23:22
Leah is the new Bethany for the franchise....the needed injection for this franchise.....#RHONY
09/24 23:22
The desert! I’m gonna need a new show where we follow Sonja wherever it is she goes in between seasons. #RHONY
09/24 23:21
Dear Houseiwves..... STOP with the text message printouts.... they aren’t real receipts.... and we don’t like you better or believe you more because you bring them... They make us cringe and we like you LESS. Love, Most of Us #RHONY #RHOBH #Rinna #Ramona #EnoughIsEnough
09/24 23:21
Dorinda blaming her entire season of volatile behavior on hiding her real emotions re: John after terrorizing Tinsley over Scott #RHONY #RHONYReunion
09/18 01:42
Poor, poor Dorinda. She wrongly assumed John was as wealthy as a Richard. What a blow to her ego when lowly Tinsley one-upped her. Tinsley’s got her ideal life! #RHONY
09/17 22:03
Luann has somehow changed the most as a housewife and also stayed exactly the same. An enigma wrapped in a riddle and Cabaret. #RHONY
09/11 01:42
finally @TinsleyMortimer has a backbone to stand up for herself to these betches - - she's been the best she has ever been during this reunion. Go girl!! #RHONY
09/10 23:03
Heather revealed that Carole was giving stories to the tabloids about #RHONY #WWHL
09/03 21:43
“2020 is going to be a good year for me” 2020: #RHONY
08/27 23:02
Elyse should replace Romona. 🥴🤷🏾‍♀️ #RHONY
08/27 22:02
The old ladies showing up to this bomb ass party #rhony
08/25 16:01
Me after hearing @DorindaMedley is leaving #RHONY 😩
08/06 22:42
Luann when WWHL brought back the Pirate #RHONY
08/06 21:42
Bravo constantly flashing back to Luanns Morocco camel ride from Hell really tickles me. It’ll never get old. #RHONY
07/23 21:42
Ramona: And I love you Mario #RHONY
07/23 21:22
If I never saw Avery on screen again it would be too soon. #RHONY
07/23 21:22
OMG "and it probably looks like a MAGA rally" 😂😂😂😂 #RHONY
07/17 02:01
These women are so lost and lonely without men so they get drunk all the time to cope. #rhony
07/16 21:43
Please move on from this horrific toilet storyline. #RHONY