Trends on grown-ish

03/18 23:03
Luca , you cheated on Jillion as well so calm it down #Grownish
03/18 23:03
Waited 3 seasons for Aaron and Zoey... #GrownIsh
03/18 23:02
This is exactly why ion want Luca and Zoe to get back together. He’s still in his feelings about the breakup. I get his what he said about Rochelle but bruh why do you care if Zoe and Aaron smashed, you with Jillian so what’s the problem. #grownish
03/18 22:23
#GrownIsh jazz lost her man and her sis not there ..
03/18 21:04
all that mixed liquor got doug the devil's hangover. #grownish
03/11 22:44
Damn now why did Rochelle go and try to make us like her insecure ass? #GrownIsh
03/11 22:05
Awww bye Sky 👋 #Grownish
03/04 22:02
Finally! Nomi was stressing me out #grownish
03/04 20:43
i don't know if phil is ready. 😂 #grownish
03/04 20:22
The way @trevorjackson5 said “What is wrong with you?” to Ana made me choke on my coffee this morning. #grownish is so good.
02/25 22:42
I thought Junior had a girlfriend so why would he be coming to get Sky back :/ #GrownIsh
02/25 22:42
Yesss to Vivek standing up for himself #Grownish
02/11 20:42
Awww I love Anna & Javi together🥰 #Grownish
01/21 21:42
I literally skipped #Grownish bc of this #Verzuz battle but the gag is I could’ve watched it TWICE and these hoes still wouldn’t have been out
02/27 21:06
I need more Jillian scenes....IMMEDIATELY !! #grownish
02/13 21:06
02/13 20:45
Maybe he was adopted?!?!?!?! #grownish
01/30 21:46
Me knowing they both don’t know they both know Luka #grownish
01/23 21:47
Ryan good way to enter lol #grownish
01/16 21:26
@grownish Why ya'll give her a "Dad-with-a-beer-belly-first-time-in-Hawi'i" vacation shirt??? And she was pregnant LAST semester?!?