Trends on Fix My Life

04/10 22:04
Lisa is just spoiled! And used to getting her way! #FixMyLife
12/19 23:23
grandma came in @ the 24th hour w/ a can of verbal whoop ass! #whatseasonfinale #FixMyLife
12/19 22:03
Y’all, I see why this season finale is two hours. This family (mainly Dad, the twins, and daughter) are making Ms. Iyanla put every single tool and technique she has ever recommended to use. #IyanlaFixMyLife #FixMyLife
12/19 22:03
#FixMyLife Genee wanted beef and Ashley was ready to serve it
12/12 23:23
Ms. Lula better watch her back now that she has told Yolanda that she get her inheritance when she die. Yolanda want that cash, AND evil, she might try & get Ms. Lula knocked off #FixMyLife
12/12 23:03
Justin is right people don’t always change and toxic people don’t need to be in anyone life it doesn’t matter what relationship they have with you #FixMyLife
12/05 22:23
Tony you better get off my tv speaking this word and spreading the love of Jesus! He’s the family real mvp! #FixMyLife
12/05 21:43
The dad was a construction worker and a drug dealer... #FixMyLife
11/28 22:23
“She knew her damn daddy was a hoe” - queen mother💀😂😂😂 #FixMyLife
11/28 22:23
The promo for next weeks Lisa Raye episode of FixMyLife looks train wreck horrible...... I’ll be ready to watch at 8:59pm. May the ancestors forgive me.
11/28 22:23
Whew, chile. This episode with LisaRaye’s family wore me out. Queen Mother and the crew were a lot. #fixmylife
11/28 22:23
@TheSydneyA Unfollowed that mess today. She really needs to consult Iyanla soon. #FixMyLife
11/14 22:23
Took a lot of courage for Luenell’s daughter to speak to her mama woman-to-woman. I’m not crying, you’re crying. #FixMyLife
10/31 23:23
But Shay ain’t fixed a thing about herself #FixMyLife
08/03 21:45
#FixMyLife Iyanla Do yo understand he was afraid Do you understand he felt alone Rita
06/08 21:43
Michael’s outbursts scared the hell outta me! Wow! We’re not even 15 minutes in , & this episode is already intense. #FixMyLife