Trends on Elementary

08/16 00:41
Great series finale for #Elementary. They did right by the characters and fans.
08/16 00:41
Watching #Elementary Sherlock: I'm staying Me:
08/16 00:01
Just after the first season of @Elementary_CBS I rescued a kitty, whom I named Joan Watson. It's only fitting that she is here watching tonight's series finale with me. @LucyLiu #elemeNtarY #galaxyeyes
08/15 23:42
Can't believe #Elementary is ending tonight. Last year, it was the best show on TV, IMHO. And that wasn't the only time in its long run. I'll miss it so much.
08/15 23:02
Watching the series finale of #Elementary . I DON'T WANT THIS TO END Q.Q
08/01 23:20
Grab the guns, we are all going to murder Odin #elementary
08/01 23:20
Watson meets Alistair, thinking he’s Morland Holmes. #Elementary #FlightRisk