Trends on Jeopardy!

04/22 20:58
Yesssss @levarburton is going to guest host #Jeopardy #TheView
04/21 22:01
04/21 22:00
The more I think about it, the more I believe that LeVar Burton would be the perfect new Jeopardy host
04/21 21:24
In other news LeVar Burton is the new jeopardy host. Perfect casting.
02/07 13:24
When people on jeopardy risk less then $1,000 on the daily double.
02/02 10:45
02/02 10:44
02/02 10:44
02/02 10:24
I’m watching Jeopardy and they made a joke about Vice President Biden and like... I had SUCH WHIPLASH realizing this episode was filmed in the Obama presidency and LIKE... I’m just thinking about how different things were when this was filmed and having a mini crisis
01/24 20:04
Bob watching Aaron Rodgers host jeopardy... with his pennant..
01/03 20:04
Jeopardy's producers after Ken apologized for his old tweets then defended Bean Dad
01/03 20:04
So Ken Jennings is in the midst of some Twitter hot water and I'm just waiting for the @Jeopardy call...
11/12 11:26
If the ACA is gutted AT LEAST 20 million people would be in jeopardy of losing their health care coverage. Health care IS a human right — and we must fight to make sure Trump's plan to dismantle the ACA doesn't succeed. #ProtectOurCare #SCOTUS
11/12 09:25
Just finished recording Ep.16 with @joshgoldbergagp @WillieBeamanDFF and @JustUriahFF With the recent passing of the GOAT Alex Trebek, we just HAD to do a Jeopardy episode Fantasy style. Give it a listen when it drops!
11/08 09:43
@CNN RECOUNT! RECOUNT! OUR BELOVED TRUMP IS THE ANSWER. Biden has tricked y’all. I’m booking my flights to Peru or Mexico later. I’m angry. The future of my kids is in jeopardy. They’ve been without food for hours I’m disappointment. Biden is a recipe for disaster NOOOO! THESE KIDS!
10/11 19:06
06/11 20:05
Welcome to Game Show Thursday 3A! I am so impressed with your creative costumes as contestants, games show hosts, camera people, special effects, and commercial sponsors! Our Jeopardy game continues this afternoon... #LastWeekOfGrade3 @HTSRichmondHill
06/11 19:45
Zach walking into a Final #Jeopardy like