Trends on Hustle And Soul

06/07 00:00
I been asked if Thandi and Anna were sister wives. I was told they are. And it makes more sense now than ever. Y'all ain't low with this shyt. I know po'niggany when I see it. #hustleandsoul
06/07 00:00
ANA try to pretend she’s sophisticated but she RACHET AF!🙄#hustleandsoul
06/06 23:41
Jon Jon’s mama is supportive and that’s amazing. #HustleAndSoul
06/06 23:40
#hustleandsoul I luv Cola, but JonJon chose already, sweetie, move on, baby. There's no going back for him!
06/06 23:01
Jon Jon is selfish and a manipulator! Sigh #HustleAndSoul