Trends on Project Runway

03/13 00:40
I wouldn't be caught dead in those hats from Victoria.. #ProjectRunway
03/13 00:40
Nancy is TRUE TO THIS! She doesn’t have to say she’s a political designer. It’s in her work! #ProjectRunway
03/13 00:40
Can we fast forward to next week please. I'm literally in tears after watching the preview for the finale. It uas to be Geoffrey! He pushes the envelope and his designs are fresh like no other. I want this WIN for him so badly! #projectrunway
03/13 00:40
I just can’t with SERGIO making this weird leather in his bathtub. #ProjectRunway
03/12 22:41
My collection stops the arctic from melting. I am Sergio! #ProjectRunway
02/28 00:21
Such a mistake letting Brittany go. #ProjectRunway
02/28 00:00
If they send Marquise home they can kiss my ass as I walk away for the rest of the season, because I will not watch. #ProjectRunway
02/27 22:41
Get him Nina!!! #ProjectRunway
02/20 23:21
@nancyvberinger I'm so proud of you for that lovely dress. I have Spina Bifida. I used to be a nurse. I've always loved to sew but design for wheelchairs is another level. Brilliant! Well done you! #ProjectRunway
02/14 00:00
Knew he was going home. Did anyone question it? He didn't deserve it -that wasn't fair - but I didn't question for a moment that Delvin was going home. Because, you know ... #ProjectRunway
02/13 22:41
I love @Lesdoggg (aka Leslie Jones), she is like cilantro. Some people love cilantro and some can’t stand it..I love it when it is used correctly and #projectrunway used her right! The show felt less “uptight” tonight..loved it.
02/13 22:21
Honestly, Sean Kelly’s iconic rainway dress is the only tie dye that matters. #ProjectRunway
02/13 21:41
Let me make a Hiss Or Miss prediction this week: Victoria will not understand what tie dye is because of translation issues. She will make a shockingly original outfit with straps and cutouts and WIN. #ProjectRunway
02/06 23:24
Christian saved Brittney #ProjectRunway
02/06 22:03
High ponytail and backwards tuxedo. ITS NEVER BEEN DINE BEFORE OMG AMAZING #ProjectRunway
01/30 23:21
Next week Christian better not still have that save! Chelsey better be sewing in competition!#ProjectRunway
01/30 23:01
Nooooooo! I CANNOT. I loved Chelsea. #ProjectRunway
01/30 21:40
Noooo Dayoung leaving. #ProjectRunway
01/16 22:45
😢😢😢 Shavi #ProjectRunway
01/09 23:01
Ok but the most important thing about #ProjectRunway is not the Kushner quip but the fact Cyndi Lauper is on the next ep!